Thursday, 2 August 2012

The past couple of months

Hello everyone!

Wow with so much to tell I don't really know where to start. Firstly an apology is probably in order, I've been a bit rubbish and naive about how much free time I would have working, I've hardly been at home, in and out the door catching up with everyone and starting a new chapter. Can you sense the rubbish excuse? I think frankly I've just been enjoying having no deadlines for once outside of work! Hurrah!

But I'm back now and will endeavour to inform you of my whereabouts and whatido's. In the past couple of months a lot of exciting things have happened. Once of my closest friends has got engaged after six years together and we're still all eagerly waiting to have the engagement party! I accidently found out the information before her.. so it was the hardest secret to keep but I did it!! Another only has a few months to go until the actual wedding, and another close friend is expecting her second baby! It's all go here!

I went to Henley Royal Regatta again this year with Matt and our families. It was really lovely to actually sit in the sun, eat cupcakes, drink Pimms and watch the rowing. Definitely don't take the sunshine for granted now I work in an office. I always try to have a walk at lunchtime and explore, but somehow always end up at the park watching about a hundred ducks in the lake!

I've also found out final results from my university degree. A 2:1 whoopee! I was surprised with a pearl necklace from Ma & Pa on the morning, and was taken out for a late night picnic with wine from Matt. Didn't really expect it all and I can't quite believe that part of my life is over. Conversations with the girls recently always go back to this scary thought that, all your life you've been brought up to achieve and do the next step, like college, work and uni and whatever, but then it suddenly stops and your left with the notion that you can actually do what you want now. It's totally up to you! So I'm still getting my head round the fact that someday soon the prospect of moving out with Matt will actually be a reality, not an escapism dream kinda thing.

Also, now I've calmed down enjoying the extra free time at home, I'm starting to re-discover sketching. It's always been a big part of my life, when I was little I used to love just sitting on the sofa with a sketchpad. I used to draw a lot of outfits on ladies, cartoon strips, ideas of future homes and gardens or animals. I prefer sketching still life now as I don't feel as creative to pluck something out the sky and draw it. But who knows, practise will get me there!

In a few weeks time I'm off to Italy with Matt and a couple of friends, Lake Garda to be exact and I will be sure to update you with my time away and all the sights. I'm still not totally sure what I really want to do out there - think I want it to be more of a surprise and see what happens! Also got tickets to the Olympics next week. Will actually see Usain Bolt compete which is so cool!

How's things with you?


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