Friday, 28 May 2010

Flower Show

After attending the Henley Royal Regatta a couple of years back, I've got a little thirst for places that say that drinking pimms, eating ice cream, strawberries and wearing pretty dresses is mandatory, so I couldn't wait to go to the Chelsea Royal Flower Show in London.

Hot sun, plus looking at all the gardens was so nice, especially when I got all snap happy at the beautiful flowers. Some captured really well on camera so I'm hoping to turn some of these into canvases to put on my walls in the new Uni house.

One of the highlights was touring the Art tent, where flower arrangers prized their plants and accessories in a clever, imaginative way, abiding by a theme.

As for my outfit, I couldn't resist wearing my new favourite Polka Dot Dress from H&M, and a little flower in the hair to boot!

It was quite funny seeing how many Chanel bags we could see draped on the shoulders of some lucky women. I found out Sarah has some sort of sixth sense, noticing all of them!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

A step back in time

I love anything to do with the past, and especially anything that involves the Tudors or Victorians, I believe it’s just an interest as a child that’s grown and I enjoy learning from it still. The other week I tried to visit a Tudor House with my friend Amanda, but we totally got the times wrong and couldn’t visit which sucked, but we ended up getting a drink in the pub opposite which was steeped in history, the amount of times its been bombed and re-built is ridiculous!

To make up for the short trip I took her to the local Maritime Museum, where the Titanic exhibit still interests and haunts me. That same week, Sarah, decided to use me as her model for her styling project, where I needed to be seductive and gothic. Her almost dramatic and frightening research helped produce her make up ideas. I love the lacing she printed around my eyes. I couldn’t help but show you the end result; you’d think i'd stepped back in time!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Why sugarlips?

A mysterious nickname from years ago has inspired me to name my blog after this. Random? Yes, but I feel it fits the bill well.

I love sweets, and dare you see me without my lipstick on. So it's a good combination of the both! Should really invest in some sweet edible lipstick or something?

Most people don't understand my love for lipstick, but its grown over the years. Not to the extreme, but I only really buy lipsticks in the common pinks and red shades from Lancome, rather than Rimmel, as I feel that something your going to wear everyday should be good quality.

It's just a shame when I loose my favourite on a night out?

As for the sweet side of things, I believe in the good old fashioned 5 a day of sweeties. Or treating yourself on a sweetie Friday to your favourite sugar rush. As a food hating child, I was allowed many of treats to fill me up, this mantra has followed me into adulthood though, which is probably not a good thing?

Pastel Photoshoot

It’s about time! After much deliberation about what I wanted my blog to be about, it seems silly just to choose what I like and only show the best, but more to show my actual thoughts and what I really have an opinion on.

I will be updating as much I can about the things that interest me, so firstly I'd thought I'd let you know a bit more about me and what I do!

As a first year student at Southampton Solent University studying Writing Fashion & Culture, my main hands on piece this year has been my magazine design project.

I had to deliver a 500-word double page article on what I thought would be the biggest trend of spring/summer 2010, alongside my own research and photoshoot to conduct.

Enlisting the help of my friend Sarah who does Styling at university with me, I managed to pull off a successful shoot.

The trend I predicted back in January was the ‘pastel’ colour. This has been backed up well, as any high street or designer store you will enter now for your summer wardrobe, you will find it with ease! So come the week of the photoshoot in April, it was easy to find and buy items for the shoot. Most items in the picture are from Topshop or H&M.

The hardest part was returning the clothes and convincing myself it was just for university work, and not for my cluttered cupboards and drawers...