Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Just returned from the hairdresses I've been going to since I was 3 months old. It's called Italian Inspiration in St Johns and after so many years they understand how exactly I like my hair to be, and my phase of not getting it cut.

After today I can certainly say I don't have so much of a phobia of getting the locks cut, but I'm more content with getting it trimmed and styled. But if someone said get it chopped into a bob I'd probably still run in the other direction or cry.

The longest I went without a full trim was just over 3 years. Did it do anything to my hair? Yes, it just grew straggley and lost its mojo due to dying it way too much.

There is also a new product being introduced by RedKen especially for fine hair and encourages re-growth, with a 30 day guarentee, so I am excited to try it out and I will update before and after pictures to see if there is actual changes!

For now I've uploaded the new do which is a simple trim and new side fringe... I'll still wear my extensions for nights out though!


Friday, 25 March 2011

Favourite... Make Up Essentials

I thought I would share with you the items I use everyday for make up application, I narrowed down the many products and listed the main ones I couldn't dream of not applying. The only exception is when I'm having a day off. Other products I use that seem to change are blushes, bronzers, eyeliner, lipliner and eyeshadows. So here is my list of the basics!

  • Soap & Glory? The Greatest Scrub of All? Self-Activating Facial Smoother and Exfoliator 125ml (£5.45)
  • Vitamin E Cream Cleanser from the Body Shop (£2.50)
  • Vitamin E SPF15 Moisture Lotion from the Body Shop (£10.00)
  • Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation (£8.19)
  • Lancome Lasting Colour Lipstick (£19.00)
  • Estee Lauder Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara 8ml (£19.00)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Love it! Magazine

Down market, crappy paper, female targeted, cheap, Jeremy Kyle of magazines....

These are the stereotypical views most people will have of real life magazines, yet Lauren Cummings the Feature Editor gave a guest lecture today to dispel some of these stigmas and explain how the publication runs, and that it is just as exciting and hard working as any others.

People are usually really critical of their coverlines, they think they are over dramatised, but headlines such as 'he kept a caravan to abuse me in' and 'I paid £3.90 for a boob job' don't seem to justify the opposite. But Lauren explained that the magazine is essentially the platform for real people to share their stories, in the same way you would talk to your neighbour or share stories with your friends down the pub, and that no story is published without the full backing of the person who submitted their stories.

They spend a great deal understanding the person and often spending hours with them on the phone or round at their home. They pay great detail to their emotions in their explanation and are careful only to convey the way they feel, rather than for dramatic effect.

Of course most of the stories are written in first person, that can be seen as ever more challenging to the first attempts, as simply recurring news or facts is easier than dealing with a delicate or rather upsetting story to convey.

Love it! Magazine's target readers are young women that firmly separates them from the likes of Chat or Take a Break, and can be an easy read to enjoy, as not only does it include the real life, it has celebrity columnists, pages about sex food and clothes. Which is the cornerstone of any great womens magazine!

So what do I think of the magazine?

I used to read these magazines when I was younger purely for the entertainment and for the cheap price, but nowadays as I'm surrounded by so many publications to widen my understanding for my career that magazines are sadly becoming less of a pleasure, as I cannot help but over analyse the pages, scrutinise the grammar and spelling typos, study the layout and how they created certain images and overall think I'd like to expand on for features or for my blog.

I suppose this is as expected choosing journalism, but I cannot help to be critical over different publications, but from the insightful lecture today, I can conclude that my conspiracy theories of Love it! are wrong and that I should praise them on their efforts and rewarding ABC figures.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Raspberry Jam Tartlets

Finally summed up the courage to attempt one of Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals (that take an hour) and decided on a pork and potato recipe which included lots of crackling, honey glazing, minted cabbage and mustard crushed potatoes.

For the pudding however was a really simple recipe of frangipane mixture with raspberry jam into pre-made pastry bowls.

If you'd like to make this yourself I would highly recommend it! It was incredibly tasty and quick to make. You will need

- 100g golden caster sugar
- 100g crushed almonds
- 90g butter
- 1 egg
- lemon zest from 1/2 lemon

Simply mix all of the ingredients into a bowl with a wooden spoon, (doesn't have to be perfectly smooth) and pour into 9 ready made shortcrust pastry bowls. (About a tablespoon). Then add a tablespoon of raspberry jam to the pastry bowls, then another tablespoon of frangipane mixture and using the back of the spoon to smooth it all over to make the jam hidden.

Pop into an oven for 18 minutes on about 180 degrees, then serve warm with some creme fraiche.

Delicious, and perfect for cosy nights in. To make it more summery, it would be cute to serve it with a raspberry on top with a few mint leaves.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blue dress

It seems lately I've been purchasing too many things, but this is a pretty normal reaction for me when the sun comes out, I feel the need to update my wardrobe as quick as possible. So after some new shorts, brogues and satchel, it was only natural that I should have a spring dress to see me through! This dress was £12.99 from H&M and instead of walking into the store I got my personal dresser to pass it on to me. Nah, I wish, this was actually one of my friends Alice's choices for her photoshoot for the magazine she's producing and once I put it on I refused to give it back, so she had to agree.

I remember her saying "You can have it because when I put it on it seems way too short which is silly because you have longer legs", No, I don't really get how I felt differently wearing it, or maybe I'm just used to this length!

Yummy little bag

I bought a cute little bag off of eBay the other day, as you may know I've been trying to use it a lot more lately to get some bargains, and when I get round to it, I will use is to sell things to fund the habit. This latest purchase is a vintage leather bag which I fell in love with, I think I just like the plait down the front the most, but the overall satchel style I've been wanting for a while for lighter days where I don't need to take a massive bag to Uni.

I've uploaded some pics for you to enjoy, see what you think?

Isn't she lovely! I like how it was wrapped up all well for me too, rather than shoved in a box.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Taking a break from all the work I've been doing all evening for my University course, I can't help but daydream and scour the net for job opportunities. Every now and then I picture myself in a few months applying for these jobs and I feel I'm getting a little impatient to start these roles.

Every work experience placement is literally the equivalent to me as being allowed into a sweet shop, but not being able to touch or buy anything. Sometimes I just wish I could grab the metaphoric chocolate bar and shove it in my greedy mouth.

A new placement opportunity is on the horizon, I shall update you with that when it all finalises, but the only hint is that it will let me into the sweet shop of another company, with a vast amount of publications to wait patiently outside to.

Most of the jobs I see online seem really capable and within reach, everything they say is a must, is well within my capabilities, as I do not let their threatening advertisement unsettle me. If there is one thing I've learn't through all the placements, is that nothing is as scary as you think, and everything you are nervous about doing, always ends up being a right laugh.

This is the end of my late night/morning rant, I blame it on the diet I've inflicted upon myself.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Shoes

After the much hated search for my winter boots, I was dreading searching for my spring shoes, seeing as I fluctuate so much in different shops, and being a size 6 or 7, some shoes just look ridiculous compared to if worn in a size 4.

But then came my birthday, and with it some birthday vouchers, so I took myself to the nearest Topshop, in hope to find some brown or tan brogues.

It was my lucky day, as the last pair, and cheapest price were glistening on the hanger in a size 6. I grabbed them and quickly paid, and they fit so nicely too, just tight and comfy in the right places.

So I just had to share these beauties with you, although I'm going to have to be careful when to take them out, as the suede material will become a bit disastrous in the rain!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Patchwork Quilt

I couldn't resist showing pictures of the patchwork quilt my friend Alice made for my birthday present. The hard work gone into making it deserves the upload. I was surprised how generous everyone was when it came to the gift-giving, I got some beautiful jewellery, such as an anklet, birthstone bracelet and rose broach as well. Needless to say I was a very lucky girl!

Birthday Dresses

I struggled to find the right birthday dress for the big 21, I thought it had to be really outgoing, bright and be out of my comfort zone, and I realised that was the exact problem that I wasn't choosing what I liked, suited and felt most confident in.

This is why I stuck to classic colours with the champagne lace dress for the meal out at PennyHill Park, and a black and white number for the party at BedBar. Here's the dresses to see how they looked on the night. Now to look for dresses to wear to other friends celebrations!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Something borrowed, something blue...

This is my first success to show from using Ebay to buy myself some new clothes. Cheap is the first thing that comes to mind when using the auction site but it's actually far more complicated, because as soon as you decide on a price, someone else bids far more higher than your intention, so I've missed out on a few purchases, but this was the successful winner!

She's just as beautiful to wear as she looks, at the moment I tend to wear them with black tights and a blouse, but I'm hoping the sun will rear it's head soon, so I can wear it with strapless tops and bare legs!

She's high waisted, faded blue denim, that has been cared for before, so they are pre-washed many times which Levi encourage to get the worn look, so she's perfect to wear!

Thierry Mugler

After my rounds of news-searching I couldn't let this video slip, probably the most anticipated show for Paris Fashion Week, you see Lady Gaga as the inspired Muse for the new collection.

This collaboration was long awaited seeing as Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti is appointed the new creative director for Mugler.

I'm a sucker for black coloured dresses as you may be well aware, so this show was right up my street. Not to mention Gaga's latest hit blaring out, just makes it all that more exciting to watch.

Spot her fierce runway appearance right here:

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Heart of Me

There was a great film I snuggled into watching the other night, and I wanted to share it with you, and make sure you get around to watching it before it disappears on the dreaded day that is my 21st, on the 6th March.

Its a 'drama set in 1930s London with two sisters, Madeleine married to Rickie, and Dinah, who falls in love with him. Rickie and Dinah begin an affair which is to have repercussions throughout all of their lives.'

It was such an easy watch, and I really enjoyed it. Currently on the scour for similiar films with the same period essence, heart-ache and tragedy.... You know, just to cheer myself up.

Rankin Myself

After Scarlett's comment about recreating the image for myself, I thought I would take her up on that offer, and realised also that I am pretty useful on Photoshop than I give myself credit for.

I may not live up to the real thing, but it's a good copy, and shows the similarity in make-up, don't you think?

The Doe Eye

In today’s Fashion & Cultural Influences lecture, I was quite excited to know we were watching a video, rather than listening to theories that make me clueless. The video in question was shown on BBC4 in 2008, and it followed Fashion Photographer Rankin recreate seven of his favourite images of the past. Included favourites such as Helmut Newton, Richard Avendon and Cecil Beaton.

As soon as I saw an image by Erwin Blumenfeld on the video, I recognised it. It was my most prized purchase from New York. Plain white background, standout black title, with 1950s just slightly underneath, and bursting red lips, and these amazing feline eyes with a black flick.

On January 1, 1950, this iconic cover was released to the world, with the perfect bow lips and beauty spot of model Jean Patchett.

When I first saw it in a market just outside Central Park, I was so drawn to the eyes and lips and recognised it as my most common make up style, flicks and red lips. A cheap price, all in a frame, I quickly handed over the money, happy with the memory of where I bought it and what it meant to me. Little did I know how exciting the cover really was.

In the video, Rankin made a modern twist with the help of Hiedi Klum, who cheekily stuck her tongue out to give it a fresher appeal.

After learning more about the striking cover, ‘The Doe Eye’ is definitely not to be ignored, and I now feel happier knowing more about its history, as it hangs with pride on my bedroom wall.