Saturday, 28 August 2010

So...? Hows it going?

I've certainly been rushed off my feet this week! No, that's a lie, I've actually just made about 5 cups of tea a day to get me through the amount of work I need to do! It's been great because I'm not being treated as an intern at all, amongst keeping their social network sites up to date, responding to company emails, sending off the post and keeping the site up to date, I've been given a great duty of helping to organise the Clotheshow in December.

Besides spraying their 12 perfumes on me every hour, I've been ringing numerous agencies. I've managed to organise the promotion staff, currently emailing China for progress on the production of So...? bags, and next week I'm contacting some PR agencies to organise a cross promotion with them!

It's all terribly exciting. Besides that I've had a meeting with the 'big cheese' about the products which was fun as he was listening intently to my ideas on the products.

Looking forward to next week, as I'm sure at some points it's just going to be moi in the marketing and PR department!

Oh, and their all really lovely and friendly, It was a colleagues birthday this week, so got to eat numerous amounts of cake. Score!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


What seems like an eternity since I spread my wings in a PR office, the time has come for me to do so once again!

I've luckily been given the spot of internship, with no means being treated as one. This is going to be exactly what I crave, fast paced and lots of hard work. I keep thinking back to when I was 13, and how often I used to buy their body sprays and perfumes, and here I am working for them!
Excited to start tomorrow, already outfit planning and scribbled in a new notebook all ready for what is thrown at me at so-fragrances.

Any exciting stories I shall be sure to share! It seems perfume aimed at teens is my calling!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Navy Skirt

A purchase I collected from the many giftcards from Topshop, my high waisted skirt is something I bought in preparation for the winter months. Surprisingly my views are changing a little as I tend not to buy on impulse but more for what is upcoming. I know full well my spenditure on the summer months is over, so any purchases I must make will be towards to the crisp autumn days.

Right now I’m wearing it with summer tops tucked in and heels, but I’m a little excited to pair this navy jean skirt with jumpers, black tights and boots. Best not wish the winter months to come too quickly, I need to sun to come back out to top up the tan first!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I know its only August...

I cant help but think towards the winter trip to New York come December with the pack of WFC girls, running around in every department store through the snow, drooling over what we cannot buy and convincing ourselves the last purchase was necessary, rather than the sunny few months of summer we're having.

Before this will happen, I would hope I'd have a new coat to take along with me. As my purchase of last year put on a poor show keeping me warm whilst I walked to lectures. I hope to buy something of better standard, with proper insulation lining, but ultimately fashionable, as it will be the one outfit you will see me in for the cold months!

After a quick look in the fashion bible, I gathered some ideas of what could be suitable. The main ones I favoured but are highly out of my price range are:

A trend that was meant to be popular last autumn which is sure to be huge this time round is indeed the Camel coat. This understated 80s classic in warm honey hues from Ellie Tahari would be comfortable choice.

Daks shows how best to wear the seemingly tricky Cape cut, with layering and similiar soft colours. This one I like especially is the nod to the emergence of the leather trend, rather than a wool outer material.

A favourite would have to be the Gucci, as the Minimalism trend takes centre stage. It leaves the creative option of accessorising or praising the pure simplicity of the design.

I decided to look towards the high street for more ideas, and found more opposites I admired:

If you know me then you will know that the first one I chose was a bit of a wildcard, as the 'Avaitor' would be somewhat different to my usual dress which is normally quite classic, but I enjoy the woolen collar amongst the leather and zips. (Can't help but get the Topgun film theme out my head whilst I type this though).

I'm also in love with the 'Pea' coat design, which came to my attention the most as Kate Moss sported it on the latest cover of Vogue. It follows the simplicity trend whilst being effortlessly chic.

The Mac coat is also one for me to think about, as this staple item should already be in every girls wardrobe (I wish I could adhere) and would be perfect for the Autumn. This copy by Lipsy is one that is tempting me so!

My hunt goes on, and I will keep my ideas posted. I do have a few months to find the perfect one though!