Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Graduating & eating too many waffles

I graduated last week! For three whole years I've watched every year above adorning the Potter-esque gowns in jealousy. How I wanted to be them, and then the time came! Patience is a virtue and all that. To celebrate we visited my much loved cafe Halladays in Bedford Place, then in the evening went out for a luxurious meal at Stovells in Chobham.

'Twas a bit windy.

Accidently visited this pudding place recently called 'Creams' in my local town a handle of times, which is actually too much considering the size of the portions. It's just opened where Pizza Hut used to be and it's very addictive. I mean how can you resist this chocolate sprinkled waffle with strawberries and ice cream? I can't, that's why I'm making a regular appearance.

Staying true to my word, I've been playing on my sewing machine a bit more, making some Christmas cards. Here I was on Sunday, with scraps splattered across the table with my Kitchen Spice Yankee Candle alight. That candle should win an award.

Hoping to do more Christmas shopping this weekend, and to also visit Ripley's Christmas Market, with the switching on of the lights, I've never been before so I am very much looking to it.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dusting off my sewing machine

It’s been a thrifty few weeks as I've been thinking of many ways to spend as little money as possible – if that actually makes sense.

So I found an actual bargain in my local Oxfam lately, eight pudding bowls and side plates for only £4. They were such good quality and it is rather exciting to know they are selling on eBay at the moment for the same price per item. Even the lovely old man behind the counter couldn’t believe the price! Can’t all things in charity shops come down a little lower in price?

I've also been feeling really guilty lately after watching Kirstie’s Vintage Home on Channel 4, watching her teach home-owners how to use a sewing machine and I thought to myself – when was the last time I actually used my own? The next day I plucked mine out of my wardrobe to find it covered in dust – it was rather filthy to be honest. Quick baby wipe here and there and it was looking back to it’s normal self!

Except I felt like I forgot how to use it, which is ridiculous after years I spent slogging away on it. So, I thought I was start small and use the free machine embroidery foot to create some special birthday cards and here is the result! I'm hoping to make some Christmas cards soon when I've picked up some more scraps of material. 

Also, great news this month – I've passed my probation with a promotion and a pay rise! So, very happy at the moment. 

I also stumbled upon a salvage yard whilst milling around shops in Reigate – what a goldmine! Must remember to come back here when I can make the move! Antique and retro furniture all in one place! We were all like children in a sweetie shop. 

And finally - two of my friends also got married recently. This photo sums it all up for me, an amazing day and night. X