Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pennyhill Park

Not another afternoon tea...

I know I know, I've been to far too many this year, but I just can't resist anything that involves cake.

Pennyhill Park is one of my favourite places to be and I can't wait until the day I can stay in their Hotel and visit their Spa. This place is just so hidden, pretty and overwhelmingly cared for that it stands out so much.

The day we visited we noticed a wedding through the windows, as after the service they were led outside to the decorated garden to celebrate complete with an outside bar. We couldn't help but sneak outside and witness it.

When we were fit to burst from too many cakes (plus standing awkwardly beside the wedding congregation) we came home, whereby I researched how much wedding here would actually be. It seem the venue itself would cost £15,000. Not even including the dress, the cake, or the car for that matter.

Jealously is such a horrible trait isn't it?


Friday, 8 July 2011

Emerald Street

There's a great new website that I've found whilst looking upon the home of Stylist magazine. It's called Emerald Street and it focuses on bringing you exciting news about arts and culture in and around London.

It aims on keeping you informed on the fun, quirky and often missed events that are happening, such as a great place to meet for cocktails, a place to get your 10 minutes of fame or even meet celebrity chefs.

I signed up to recieve regular emails delivered to me, which also automatically enters you in a draw to win a £1325 worth of a Chloe bag, which is just a bonus!

Also happening in my busy week, I am currently involving myself in a project of interior design - or more tastefully Ikea-ing my brothers bedroom, as it has not been decorated since we moved in 17 years ago! Eek. If all looks promising I'll try and get a before and after shot so you can see how a bit of cream paint and wood flooring goes many miles.

I'm also attending a lot of press days for the next upcoming weeks for Christmas 2011. All I can say is the Waitrose event was delicious - I wish I could reveal more but I'm pretty sure these types of things are embargoed until the Christmas season, which is like September or something ridiculous...