Saturday, 18 December 2010

New York

It's mad to think that I have been to New York. I had such a giggle, and really enjoyed site seeing and shopping in the city that never sleeps! I could easily live there for a few months, to really soak it all up and do everything that I wanted to do! It was hard to fit it all in the short space of time that we were there! Best time of the year to go with the Winter chill and the Christmas lights, but my Fur coat warmed me up a treat along with a new pair of long socks and handmade woolly snood.

Few of my favourite pictures;

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Emily's Camera

Emily dressed me up for her photography project, its fun to do, especially as it was pitch black, so its good to know good lighting can be achieved! I do love the warmth of the leaves and the lights in the background that make it quite haunting and a typical autumn appearance.

Afterwards she even treated me to a home made curry! Mmm!

Monday, 25 October 2010


Working at BNTM live, involved lots of hard work, loud music, best selling smile, and many of chipped nail varnish.

The finalists of the show also came up to our stall which was exciting! We didn't get to see the catwalk show because we were busy bees, sure it went well though!

Diana Vickers perfomed about 3 times a day, which got tedious, but Alesha Dixon came on stage on Friday to talk about her beauty regime and X Factor, which was nice!

But overall, it was a lot of fun and giggles, and the promotion of So...? went very well!

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Had a fantastic time at Zoo the other week. Great experience working closely with the weekly lad mag, which was more fun than it was work!

My main duties were to read through every paper that day and pick out quotes and news stories that would be suitable for the mag. I also had to deliver all the post to the relevant person in the office.

One of my favourite duties I did was the mag run, where I took copies of the latest Zoo up to Closer, Grazia, Look and Heat. It was so exciting to see the offices and seeing all the glammed girls at work, especially as I saw Lucie Cave as well! I received an email one day from Grazia's editor about a beauty sale they were having in the office. So wish I could of gone up there but my duties at Zoo told me I couldn't!

The surrealist thing I had to do was make packages for the armed forces in Afghanistan, as they wanted some T-Shirts and Posters to get them through. I also had to do some transcribing of an interview one of the guys in the office did when he visited the troops the other week. It was heavy stuff, with brutal true stories in the life of a medic and such.

One day we got a letter asking for a cheeky pen pal from a bloke in jail. We sent him a magazine instead.

Guinness World Records came in one day, as one of the guys in the office tried to beat the 'how many Jaffa Cakes can you eat in a minute' (but failed) as another model managed to set a record for the most amount of times a bra was taken off and on in a minute.

I also had to run around London a fair bit, collecting pieces for the upcoming shoots. I had to buy some luxurious sheets from Primark for Jodie Marsh's shoot, only the best!

Much fun all round, everyone was very relaxed and funny, and ultimately I managed to secure my next placement at FHM. I think a trend is occurring?

Oh and do by this weeks issue ^^^ you'll see my name in it!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Road trip to the past anyone?

In the early summer, my friend Sarah and I came across this lovely little village on our way through the New Forest and we just had to have a look around. We loved it, and decided to visit it the other day.

A chance to get some yummy pub food, stock up on sweeties, and look around the antique stores and cute accessory shops.

There was one shop that just caught my eye, it was a haven for vintage soaps and suds, and when you stepped in, it felt and smelt so handmade. You could get fairy liquid soaps in the original packaging of the 40's, tinned cosmetics and pill boxes along with bath bombs in the shapes of cupcakes.

As it was such a small shop I felt rude if I took pictures, but I got a couple from the outside!

Notice the old Singer sewing machine! I love looking at these, my uncle found one dumped in a skip, its such a shame people throw these gems away, but on the brightside he got to keep it!

I also got some lovely square patterned paper, to help decorate my new room at uni, think of 50's coloured cherries, antique swirls and purples, and newspaper styled to look old. I should of done that one myself, it was always fun trying to 'antique' paper by putting in the oven at school.

Friday, 17 September 2010

My Retail Heaven

To add to my busy week (not that I’m complaining) I’ve landed myself a guest writer role on My Retail Heaven!

Do have a look at my first post! I should have an article up every week.

So...? Eventful

With cherry drops and bourbon biscuits in hand, I had all the help I needed to work extra hard this week.

We’re hurriedly organising the So…? Fragrance display stand at the Clotheshow in December, but little did we know an exciting, envious sister of an event was blowing raspberries at us. It was Britain’s Next Top Model Live (naturally spoken in a Tyra voice) and we only had less than a month to organise EVERYTHING for it, and we knew we couldn’t miss out!

So this week, I had to organise a meeting with the event producer and discuss budget, cost, space…..snooze….but then listen in the gossip of all the celebs and brands that are going to be there! Mawi, Nine West, Bobby Brown, mmm get in my belly!

There’s a lot of pressure for them to pull it off, and become this high class event, complete with free, yes free pampering makeover stations, champagne and sushi bars, Model 1 scouts and a catwalk show with the BNTM finalists!

Luckily I’m going to this event but rather than consuming my weight in yummy food and spending unnecessary amounts, you’ll find me by the till selling our stock! Oh and possible strutting like a wannabe down the catwalk which they’ve made especially for the size 0 in all of us.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sea, Sand and Charity Shops

Cream Teas and Scones, Fish and Chips, Shopping, Bodyboarding and Star gazing - This alone ticks my boxes for a destination to move to.

One thing I loved was visiting the cutsie shops they had, especially in St Ives, they had little cottages dedicated to just selling Cupcake accessories, or a shop especially for fudge and chocolate lovers. Inbetween these though were lots of charity shops. I normally make a bee line for the coats and jackets, then the bags, then shoes, and then feel disappointed as I havent found a gem piece.

On this occasion it was different, sticking out like a sore thumb I noticed a camel coat, so in true toddler fashion I pointed and shouted Camel Coat, which worked as Keely slipped it over her shoulders. It was original, musty and 100% wool, and most importantly the staple of A/W. And only for £10, she walked away happy.

It was only later on that we inspected the coat further to find it is an DAKS original from the 80's off Bond Street, so was worth a couple of hundred but bought for pocket money.

An all round success, and especially for Keely.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

So...? Hows it going?

I've certainly been rushed off my feet this week! No, that's a lie, I've actually just made about 5 cups of tea a day to get me through the amount of work I need to do! It's been great because I'm not being treated as an intern at all, amongst keeping their social network sites up to date, responding to company emails, sending off the post and keeping the site up to date, I've been given a great duty of helping to organise the Clotheshow in December.

Besides spraying their 12 perfumes on me every hour, I've been ringing numerous agencies. I've managed to organise the promotion staff, currently emailing China for progress on the production of So...? bags, and next week I'm contacting some PR agencies to organise a cross promotion with them!

It's all terribly exciting. Besides that I've had a meeting with the 'big cheese' about the products which was fun as he was listening intently to my ideas on the products.

Looking forward to next week, as I'm sure at some points it's just going to be moi in the marketing and PR department!

Oh, and their all really lovely and friendly, It was a colleagues birthday this week, so got to eat numerous amounts of cake. Score!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


What seems like an eternity since I spread my wings in a PR office, the time has come for me to do so once again!

I've luckily been given the spot of internship, with no means being treated as one. This is going to be exactly what I crave, fast paced and lots of hard work. I keep thinking back to when I was 13, and how often I used to buy their body sprays and perfumes, and here I am working for them!
Excited to start tomorrow, already outfit planning and scribbled in a new notebook all ready for what is thrown at me at so-fragrances.

Any exciting stories I shall be sure to share! It seems perfume aimed at teens is my calling!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Navy Skirt

A purchase I collected from the many giftcards from Topshop, my high waisted skirt is something I bought in preparation for the winter months. Surprisingly my views are changing a little as I tend not to buy on impulse but more for what is upcoming. I know full well my spenditure on the summer months is over, so any purchases I must make will be towards to the crisp autumn days.

Right now I’m wearing it with summer tops tucked in and heels, but I’m a little excited to pair this navy jean skirt with jumpers, black tights and boots. Best not wish the winter months to come too quickly, I need to sun to come back out to top up the tan first!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I know its only August...

I cant help but think towards the winter trip to New York come December with the pack of WFC girls, running around in every department store through the snow, drooling over what we cannot buy and convincing ourselves the last purchase was necessary, rather than the sunny few months of summer we're having.

Before this will happen, I would hope I'd have a new coat to take along with me. As my purchase of last year put on a poor show keeping me warm whilst I walked to lectures. I hope to buy something of better standard, with proper insulation lining, but ultimately fashionable, as it will be the one outfit you will see me in for the cold months!

After a quick look in the fashion bible, I gathered some ideas of what could be suitable. The main ones I favoured but are highly out of my price range are:

A trend that was meant to be popular last autumn which is sure to be huge this time round is indeed the Camel coat. This understated 80s classic in warm honey hues from Ellie Tahari would be comfortable choice.

Daks shows how best to wear the seemingly tricky Cape cut, with layering and similiar soft colours. This one I like especially is the nod to the emergence of the leather trend, rather than a wool outer material.

A favourite would have to be the Gucci, as the Minimalism trend takes centre stage. It leaves the creative option of accessorising or praising the pure simplicity of the design.

I decided to look towards the high street for more ideas, and found more opposites I admired:

If you know me then you will know that the first one I chose was a bit of a wildcard, as the 'Avaitor' would be somewhat different to my usual dress which is normally quite classic, but I enjoy the woolen collar amongst the leather and zips. (Can't help but get the Topgun film theme out my head whilst I type this though).

I'm also in love with the 'Pea' coat design, which came to my attention the most as Kate Moss sported it on the latest cover of Vogue. It follows the simplicity trend whilst being effortlessly chic.

The Mac coat is also one for me to think about, as this staple item should already be in every girls wardrobe (I wish I could adhere) and would be perfect for the Autumn. This copy by Lipsy is one that is tempting me so!

My hunt goes on, and I will keep my ideas posted. I do have a few months to find the perfect one though!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Tea Time

In this months issue of ASOS Magazine, I couldn't help but feel that the advertisements within the pages were far more exciting. This advertisement stood out for me straight away, once I saw the Vintage tea cup, laced with an antique styled bow brooch I felt instantly drawn. The contrast of high colours from the juicy strawberries, floral patterns and chocolate cake against the glossy white boarder of the page made it very attractive and exciting to the eye.

I love how the decorative brooch, watches and necklace is just unnaturally blended within the summer tea time themed objects and food, which in turn makes it desirable and gives you that 'I've got to have it now!' feeling.

I'm keeping watch (get it) on the Vintage style camera watch necklace pendent on the bottom right, as the price and timing of its release is not shown. It's quirky which I like, and I'm not one to accessorize majorly, so it will be nice to have this one piece! I suppose eating some strawberries and chocolate cake will keep me going for now!


Whilst spring cleaning yesterday, I was rooting through old cleaning products and came across this old carpet cleaning bottle. I couldn't help but laugh at the lady and interesting name, she looked so dated, must be from the early 90's. Ironically though, there I was wearing my leggings and baggy jumper and was not far off her outfit! Then the laughter soon stopped!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Gatwick Runway Models

One trend I’ve never followed is dressing up before a plane flight. It could be your ticket to getting bumped up to first class, but I favour something comfy that I can usually nod off in! Unfortunately that usually means my hair is scraped back too, which totally backfired when I saw a competition booth at Gatwick Airport, shortly before a girly holiday to Corfu.

Amist my whispy hair, and au naturel make up, I summoned myself to enter the competition in this photobooth anyway. You had to be over 5ft 8, and lets face it I enjoy anything that celebrates height!

The picture was not that great, but somehow I managed to be given an opportunity for casting at Storm Model Management. If you don’t know it, it’s pretty much the big cheese of the modelling agencies, most famously starting Kate Moss’ career.

So yes, I was very nervous rolling up in my Topshop tunic and black heels for the day of reckoning in London. Upon entering I filled out a form asking every question possible, from waist and bust measurements to my skills of snorkelling and cycling. After some spontaneous snaps from Storm against their office wall, I waited patiently on the sofa, with a feast sprawled out in front of me. Ironically, all the food was either chocolate, covered in chocolate or sprinkled with chocolate. I resisted somehow.

After a friendly chat with the team, I learnt more about the competition, including boot camp with Jade Parfitt, and the final catwalk with Lily Cole. I had to await my fate at home, I got the news this morning that I didn’t make it to the final 10 or something like that, but I really enjoyed the experience. Honest!

Now I’m just a bit gutted that I wont be able to see Gatwick Fashion Week that inspired the competition and the winning model in action!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Flapper Girl

Do you ever get the feeling you were meant to be born in a different decade?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

A blog about a clog...

So its mid July, soaring temperatures and blinding sunshine, yet I can't help but think forward to the trends of the Autumn already. I’ve stumbled at hints of the new items I can tell I will be dribbling over, but I’ve also noticed a few trends in the footwear department that I cant help but feel ecstatic over, or merely disappointed.

The most popular talking point of Paris Fashion Week was the infamous Clogs. Now, to most this word would conjure up images of Dutch paraphernalia, complete with braces and platted hair, but I can assure you these clogs were one pair of shoes I loved as a child, and felt at the time completely unrelated to its origin.

I can still picture the wood heel, and navy blue leather and large buckle, but if only I knew whereabouts they were purchased. I'd like to think they were the real deal but it could of easily been some impulse buy from a traditional Dutch shoe shop like Clarks.

Back to the point, these Clogs are getting the Chanel treatment to be the newest style to have. Add 5 inch heels to the basic Clog, plus feminine d├ęcor and you shall have yourself your own snippet of the past, but meets future.

Chanel Spring Summer 10

On the Topshop website they are even providing a sneak peak into their Autumn/Winter wardrobe, and there found was the dreaded Loafer shoe. I think I’m going to need a lot of encouragement to enjoy this trend again, as it just reminds me of the tacky school shoes I once had.

Although I do enjoy how both stable flat shoes of the 90s have been transformed into daring heels of the tennies!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Maxi me up

Alas, I've been away on holiday, loving the sea, sand and sunburn, so I have not updated for a while. I suppose the biggest thing to share is my lust for a new maxi dress. I’ve wanted to purchase one for a long time, but can never seem to find the right one! Either im too tall for these draping dresses, or the pattern and print does not appeal! Any garish pinks, or tiger prints and im out!

But luckily I managed to find a few on the trusty, so I am awaiting eagerly for their arrival, as I intend to try them all on and return what ranks second. Although we all know they are all just going to end up in my wardrobe anyhow!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Shulman Herself

I couldn’t help but admire an article in the latest edition of the Fashion Bible. It’s not often you get such an in depth piece written by the editor herself, but Shulman wrote a credible piece that was interesting, relatable and with inches of humour. On the subject of inches, this is something I never have chopped off my locks. I say locks, but more defeated hair that is resisting any form of growth on the length, but is happy to give me unflattering roots…

Of course the article was on the subject of hair, entitled “Back to my roots”, it’s an in depth read into how different generations style and look after their hair, filled with her experiences and hair care history. Quite true as she states, that visiting the salon for a good groom on the locks normally skips a generation. She was a 60s baby, and flowing, trussing locks where her style lacked care, but oozed in free spirit was fashionable, and only until she was given the prize of being Editor of Vogue, was she given the crop chop and ended the free reign.

Nations of our grannies were and are still prizing themselves on their salon perms and neat short cuts. She goes onto explain that after the skip of a generation, its back to (in particular my age group) that love to groom at the salon, and try to capture the essence of Cheryl, rejuvenating our “weak, limp, lifeless” hair and add extensions here there and everywhere, dye it to an inch of its life, because were “worth it”.

I enjoyed it, and especially the similarity of interest, as another peculiar pet peeve to some is my fear of the hairdressing scissors. Note no change to my hairstyle since I was 10.


Friday, 28 May 2010

Flower Show

After attending the Henley Royal Regatta a couple of years back, I've got a little thirst for places that say that drinking pimms, eating ice cream, strawberries and wearing pretty dresses is mandatory, so I couldn't wait to go to the Chelsea Royal Flower Show in London.

Hot sun, plus looking at all the gardens was so nice, especially when I got all snap happy at the beautiful flowers. Some captured really well on camera so I'm hoping to turn some of these into canvases to put on my walls in the new Uni house.

One of the highlights was touring the Art tent, where flower arrangers prized their plants and accessories in a clever, imaginative way, abiding by a theme.

As for my outfit, I couldn't resist wearing my new favourite Polka Dot Dress from H&M, and a little flower in the hair to boot!

It was quite funny seeing how many Chanel bags we could see draped on the shoulders of some lucky women. I found out Sarah has some sort of sixth sense, noticing all of them!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

A step back in time

I love anything to do with the past, and especially anything that involves the Tudors or Victorians, I believe it’s just an interest as a child that’s grown and I enjoy learning from it still. The other week I tried to visit a Tudor House with my friend Amanda, but we totally got the times wrong and couldn’t visit which sucked, but we ended up getting a drink in the pub opposite which was steeped in history, the amount of times its been bombed and re-built is ridiculous!

To make up for the short trip I took her to the local Maritime Museum, where the Titanic exhibit still interests and haunts me. That same week, Sarah, decided to use me as her model for her styling project, where I needed to be seductive and gothic. Her almost dramatic and frightening research helped produce her make up ideas. I love the lacing she printed around my eyes. I couldn’t help but show you the end result; you’d think i'd stepped back in time!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Why sugarlips?

A mysterious nickname from years ago has inspired me to name my blog after this. Random? Yes, but I feel it fits the bill well.

I love sweets, and dare you see me without my lipstick on. So it's a good combination of the both! Should really invest in some sweet edible lipstick or something?

Most people don't understand my love for lipstick, but its grown over the years. Not to the extreme, but I only really buy lipsticks in the common pinks and red shades from Lancome, rather than Rimmel, as I feel that something your going to wear everyday should be good quality.

It's just a shame when I loose my favourite on a night out?

As for the sweet side of things, I believe in the good old fashioned 5 a day of sweeties. Or treating yourself on a sweetie Friday to your favourite sugar rush. As a food hating child, I was allowed many of treats to fill me up, this mantra has followed me into adulthood though, which is probably not a good thing?

Pastel Photoshoot

It’s about time! After much deliberation about what I wanted my blog to be about, it seems silly just to choose what I like and only show the best, but more to show my actual thoughts and what I really have an opinion on.

I will be updating as much I can about the things that interest me, so firstly I'd thought I'd let you know a bit more about me and what I do!

As a first year student at Southampton Solent University studying Writing Fashion & Culture, my main hands on piece this year has been my magazine design project.

I had to deliver a 500-word double page article on what I thought would be the biggest trend of spring/summer 2010, alongside my own research and photoshoot to conduct.

Enlisting the help of my friend Sarah who does Styling at university with me, I managed to pull off a successful shoot.

The trend I predicted back in January was the ‘pastel’ colour. This has been backed up well, as any high street or designer store you will enter now for your summer wardrobe, you will find it with ease! So come the week of the photoshoot in April, it was easy to find and buy items for the shoot. Most items in the picture are from Topshop or H&M.

The hardest part was returning the clothes and convincing myself it was just for university work, and not for my cluttered cupboards and drawers...