Thursday, 7 May 2015

May you take the time to reflect

How did we get to May so quickly? It's been such a busy few months, and now I have time to settle and rethink, I can really think as to how quickly time can pass us by.

It's been three years since I left for university, but yet I remember it all so clearly as if it was only a few months back.

It's been over five years since Matt and I made some promises together, and we're looking forward to an exciting few weeks ahead of us as we've got a weeks stay in Montenegro and Cornwall coming up very soon.

We've also made great progress with the house, which is coming up to two years since we moved in. Spending a lot of time in the garden pulling out weeds, bedding new shrubs, building a new shed and cleaning the patio. There are also plans to update the bathroom, which I hope would be a valuable investment to the house. I'm thinking a nightshade of navy for the panelling, and mat white tiles surrounding the bath. I'll happily share the progress once the works begin.

*Insert new veg patch here!

My hand mixer broke fairly recently, so I invested in a stand up folding mixer which is just marvellous. I've been able to enjoy baking again, and doing lots of it. I'm going to be having more time on my hands in the near future so expect more bakes to adorn my Instagram and here. 

May, nearly part way through the year can be a good time to reflect upon your goals, the health and happiness of your friends and family, and what's important to you. Learn what your body and mind try to tell you and act upon it, after all, it's what you have that's got you here so far anyway. 


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