Thursday, 27 May 2010

A step back in time

I love anything to do with the past, and especially anything that involves the Tudors or Victorians, I believe it’s just an interest as a child that’s grown and I enjoy learning from it still. The other week I tried to visit a Tudor House with my friend Amanda, but we totally got the times wrong and couldn’t visit which sucked, but we ended up getting a drink in the pub opposite which was steeped in history, the amount of times its been bombed and re-built is ridiculous!

To make up for the short trip I took her to the local Maritime Museum, where the Titanic exhibit still interests and haunts me. That same week, Sarah, decided to use me as her model for her styling project, where I needed to be seductive and gothic. Her almost dramatic and frightening research helped produce her make up ideas. I love the lacing she printed around my eyes. I couldn’t help but show you the end result; you’d think i'd stepped back in time!

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  1. You look so beautiful in this picture, Sarah is so talented! Love it xxxxxxx