Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Shulman Herself

I couldn’t help but admire an article in the latest edition of the Fashion Bible. It’s not often you get such an in depth piece written by the editor herself, but Shulman wrote a credible piece that was interesting, relatable and with inches of humour. On the subject of inches, this is something I never have chopped off my locks. I say locks, but more defeated hair that is resisting any form of growth on the length, but is happy to give me unflattering roots…

Of course the article was on the subject of hair, entitled “Back to my roots”, it’s an in depth read into how different generations style and look after their hair, filled with her experiences and hair care history. Quite true as she states, that visiting the salon for a good groom on the locks normally skips a generation. She was a 60s baby, and flowing, trussing locks where her style lacked care, but oozed in free spirit was fashionable, and only until she was given the prize of being Editor of Vogue, was she given the crop chop and ended the free reign.

Nations of our grannies were and are still prizing themselves on their salon perms and neat short cuts. She goes onto explain that after the skip of a generation, its back to (in particular my age group) that love to groom at the salon, and try to capture the essence of Cheryl, rejuvenating our “weak, limp, lifeless” hair and add extensions here there and everywhere, dye it to an inch of its life, because were “worth it”.

I enjoyed it, and especially the similarity of interest, as another peculiar pet peeve to some is my fear of the hairdressing scissors. Note no change to my hairstyle since I was 10.


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