Saturday, 28 August 2010

So...? Hows it going?

I've certainly been rushed off my feet this week! No, that's a lie, I've actually just made about 5 cups of tea a day to get me through the amount of work I need to do! It's been great because I'm not being treated as an intern at all, amongst keeping their social network sites up to date, responding to company emails, sending off the post and keeping the site up to date, I've been given a great duty of helping to organise the Clotheshow in December.

Besides spraying their 12 perfumes on me every hour, I've been ringing numerous agencies. I've managed to organise the promotion staff, currently emailing China for progress on the production of So...? bags, and next week I'm contacting some PR agencies to organise a cross promotion with them!

It's all terribly exciting. Besides that I've had a meeting with the 'big cheese' about the products which was fun as he was listening intently to my ideas on the products.

Looking forward to next week, as I'm sure at some points it's just going to be moi in the marketing and PR department!

Oh, and their all really lovely and friendly, It was a colleagues birthday this week, so got to eat numerous amounts of cake. Score!


  1. I have already tried out So...? Kiss Me, i like the smell so much, but i dont know the rest of the So line, what would you recommend?


  2. Awww bub this sounds like amazing work experience! I am actually rather jealous! Awesome :) xxx

  3. Hi there Shineyglam!

    After numerous spritz's and sprays, So...? Into the night and So...? Shopaholic I found to be most scrummy. They're both quite musky which i like, and similiar to So...? Kiss me!

    Hope thats helps, do follow me!