Sunday, 17 October 2010


Had a fantastic time at Zoo the other week. Great experience working closely with the weekly lad mag, which was more fun than it was work!

My main duties were to read through every paper that day and pick out quotes and news stories that would be suitable for the mag. I also had to deliver all the post to the relevant person in the office.

One of my favourite duties I did was the mag run, where I took copies of the latest Zoo up to Closer, Grazia, Look and Heat. It was so exciting to see the offices and seeing all the glammed girls at work, especially as I saw Lucie Cave as well! I received an email one day from Grazia's editor about a beauty sale they were having in the office. So wish I could of gone up there but my duties at Zoo told me I couldn't!

The surrealist thing I had to do was make packages for the armed forces in Afghanistan, as they wanted some T-Shirts and Posters to get them through. I also had to do some transcribing of an interview one of the guys in the office did when he visited the troops the other week. It was heavy stuff, with brutal true stories in the life of a medic and such.

One day we got a letter asking for a cheeky pen pal from a bloke in jail. We sent him a magazine instead.

Guinness World Records came in one day, as one of the guys in the office tried to beat the 'how many Jaffa Cakes can you eat in a minute' (but failed) as another model managed to set a record for the most amount of times a bra was taken off and on in a minute.

I also had to run around London a fair bit, collecting pieces for the upcoming shoots. I had to buy some luxurious sheets from Primark for Jodie Marsh's shoot, only the best!

Much fun all round, everyone was very relaxed and funny, and ultimately I managed to secure my next placement at FHM. I think a trend is occurring?

Oh and do by this weeks issue ^^^ you'll see my name in it!


  1. This sounds amazing! Litrally did not think a lads mag would be fun to work at...

  2. Same here! Much more laid back than a girly place I felt!