Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Road trip to the past anyone?

In the early summer, my friend Sarah and I came across this lovely little village on our way through the New Forest and we just had to have a look around. We loved it, and decided to visit it the other day.

A chance to get some yummy pub food, stock up on sweeties, and look around the antique stores and cute accessory shops.

There was one shop that just caught my eye, it was a haven for vintage soaps and suds, and when you stepped in, it felt and smelt so handmade. You could get fairy liquid soaps in the original packaging of the 40's, tinned cosmetics and pill boxes along with bath bombs in the shapes of cupcakes.

As it was such a small shop I felt rude if I took pictures, but I got a couple from the outside!

Notice the old Singer sewing machine! I love looking at these, my uncle found one dumped in a skip, its such a shame people throw these gems away, but on the brightside he got to keep it!

I also got some lovely square patterned paper, to help decorate my new room at uni, think of 50's coloured cherries, antique swirls and purples, and newspaper styled to look old. I should of done that one myself, it was always fun trying to 'antique' paper by putting in the oven at school.

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