Friday, 15 April 2011

The Enchanted Palace

We went to this exhibition a couple of days ago and was a really nice royal day out. I do like to make an effort to visit castles and palaces, mainly because my mums blue blood has naturally began to ran inside me. My Dad is also a fanantic on history and I really enjoy to find out the whackiest and shocking facts from the past - so this visit was a good opportunity to combine all my interests of fashion, history and culture.

We followed the task given to children for their visit, which was to guess what Princess lived in each room, with outfits, dolls, portraits and letters giving us clues.

The room I found most fascinating was Queen Victoria's bedroom she lived in as a child. She had a very sheltered life because of her Mother that she later resented so much so, she chucked her Mother out when she became queen. As a princess living a privileged life, her words in the poem did not express her happiness at any point. Her room was transformed into a large dolls room, which dolls reaching 12ft high sitting in her room, with her large oak bed covered in large mattresses with scattered dolls on top. You couldn't help but gasp and laugh seeing such large and quite frankly scary dolls staring at you when you entered. They also put on display her tiny little shoes that she wore, they were so delicate.

The rooms reflected other Princesses of past era's, with another favourite being Diana, as this was her residential home before her death in 1997. Her room was simply decorated with a long off the shoulder white dress, that had such a tiny waist. It was interesting to picture the Princess that did actually live here and how their lives must of been.

Afterwards we walked across the grass to The Orangery, which is sort of described as the 'conservatory'! It was a large open windowed area that is popular to be hired out for weddings - and you could see why.

We then ordered an afternoon tea selection for £18, that included breakfast tea, four finger sandiwiches; cheese & pickle, cucumber and cream cheese, ham & mustard and smoked salmon, followed by a selection of cakes and scones with cream and jam. I also bought from the giftshop a few postcards and little book which is titled 'The Etiquette of Dress' which is funny, as it gives you tips about every type of clothing event such as morning dress - you wouldn't dare wear your nightdress for breakfast!

To end the day we took a quick window shop around Harvey Nichols. Recommend the day out if you are interested in art and fashion or a fan of cakes!


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