Thursday, 14 April 2011

Shabby Chic Bookcase

After searching through numerous charity shops and second hand furniture stores, I was still no closer to purchasing a bookcase for my bedroom. Just on Tuesday though I got the biggest urge to complete my project, this probably stemmed from my inability to concentrate on my work at the moment, but also convincing myself that if my room were tidier I would put more effort into my work!

So I set about trawling on eBay for a good hour, and managed to find a bookcase that was only a few miles away for £40. I bought it straight away and was delighted that I could go and pick it up an hour later. It all happened quite quickly, but I was happy to pick it up and get things started. I then went and bought some paint and covered the bookcase in two coats in the space of two hours.
The morning after I could then use sandpaper to wear the edges of the bookcase and create a more effective shabby chic appeal.

As you can see it is now filled with all my books and magazines and I think it really compliments the decor already in my room. Have any of you given yourself a large project or decorated your own furniture?



  1. Candles in place when cupcakes aren't there!

  2. Its really cute, luks nice against the purple wall!

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  3. This is lovely!
    Shame you couldn't find a real charity shop bargain, but £40 is definitely worth it, especially with the lick of paint!x

  4. Thank you! Yeh I really hope I could of, but a one off is ok! I managed to get a little table very cheap from a car boot a while ago, I was lucky then! x