Sunday, 30 June 2013

Moving day is 3 weeks away

Rather excitingly moving day is only 3 weeks away. I realise I haven't posted in a while, but to sum up the past couple of months since our offer was accepted, we've basically been sitting very patiently. Part of the perils of being in a chain is waiting for your sellers to find their home. Luckily that happened in early May, so we could really kick start the buying process.

After sifting through many confusing documents, posting our personal information and sitting through lengthy insurance meetings answering the same 'what would you do if this happened' questions, exchanging on the house could happen any day now. It was meant to be last week - but in true house buying fashion, delays are common and we are more than prepared for these. One thing that won't change is the move date - 18th July we will be collecting the keys!

I've started packing up my bedroom, it's unnatural the amount that I own. Granted, most of it was things stored away for the house.. The kitchen is safely kitted out that's for sure.

Now to wish the next 3 weeks away. At least I have some exciting weekends to look forward to, next weekend is Henley Royal Regatta, and the weekend after we are travelling up to York for an end of year ball. Oh and of course, spending my days with my friends cutest miniature dauchaund puppy, Bennie is always the best.

(Update on 1st July, we finally exchanged!)


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