Monday, 8 April 2013

Offer accepted!

On the 11th March, an offer on our dream house was accepted. We smiled and literally jumped for joy for five minutes, until we realised that the hassle of moving will now cast an angry looking cloud above our heads for the next few months.

Like most people, buying is house is not something you do everyday or know exactly how it’s meant to work. I’ve found that the key elements to get you through it and most importantly learn how to do it are, speaking to family and friends. The next is Google. Oh what a valuable tool Google and Martin Lewis’ website is. (Because who knew how complicated mortgages and surveys could be?) The final is gut instinct. Listening to yourself on what is right just helps solidify any (ir)rational thoughts or reasonings, and it works almost everytime.

To keep myself busy during this tense period, I’ve been expanding the bottom drawer of ‘bits for the house’, which means it’s now bursting from under my bed, and into the garage and shed. I can’t quite fit everything in, so if the move was to happen sooner, practically it would be happy days. Luckily most furniture is second hand, which is a blessing for the wallet and much more fun and gratifying than walking into Ikea. Each item is lovingly handed down with history, discovered in a charity shop or bargain bought online.

Oh and of course - bridesmaid duties, such as shopping with my friend looking for her wedding dress, what a way to keep you distracted!

One thing that is repeated often to us, so it must have some truth is that ‘if it’s meant to be, it will be’ - so fingers crossed this house is. 


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