Sunday, 15 September 2013

The rise of the hemline

Has the supposed housing boom affected the hemline of skirts?

Seeing as the property industry is bright and busy with house prices on an incline, I wonder whether the wider influence its having on the economy could be having on the receeding hemline of our skirts.

As we know, the longer the length the more troubled our times are, the shorter the more carefree.

The early 1990s was a prosperous time and it's making its firm appreciation once again in our high street. Now officially registered as 'vintage' this era brought with it the reincarnation of the mini skirt, crop tops, masculine structured jackets and boxey leather shoes. Punchy and grungy, not a flowing floral in sight.

Have you been noticing the slits introduced to our maxi skirts? The skater swing skirts or the skort style items back into the shops? Could this be a sign recovery is on its way? The hemline is rising, and so could be the economic outlook. 

Just a thought. X

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