Monday, 25 November 2013

Layers of leaves, layers of clothes

Putting extra blankets on the bed, starting up the fire, placing towels on a radiator before showering, cooking stews and making hot chocolate have fully replaced the habits of summer. 

A welcome change. It's an ideal time to experiment and play in the house, getting to know it more. It feels different when it's colder, relying on it more to help you through the frostier season.

We can't wait to buy our first real Christmas tree and bake spices treats for gifts and piggy moments. A month today and it will be that time again, time to reflect on how fast the year has gone by when at points it felt so slow. 

We're very lucky and still in awe that we have managed to move into our home, and fortunately both have had promotions in our positions which will help us on our next quest for 2014, the arrival of a puppy.


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