Sunday, 5 January 2014

Gran is so 2014

What could be more refreshing than taking down the Christmas decorations, and spending the time cleaning and freshening up the house? Enjoying the space and freedom a post Yuletide house gives, reflecting on the past year and looking forward to what the future holds and the present is rewarding. 

New Years resolutions - a tricky one. I'm not going to aim high, except just allow changes in my life I wish I could do more of. One is making the time to read more books. Our bookcase is brimming with stories I'm yet to even try, such as the Harry Potter series. I'm glued to the first even though I know what to expect I'm really enjoying picturing my own version of events.

There's others, such as restricting the amount of time I spend on my phone. Leaving it in my handbag with a friend, only to check it if it actually rings. Allowing more time to enjoy a conversation without any distractions. How technology can often distract and interrupt just being. I've found myself taking less photographs in the moment, especially at important events, immersing myself in the now and take a mental picture instead. Private pictures tend to be of little things around the house, flowers, the fireplace, the messy kitchen.

January also means there is a lot of preparing in the house at the moment, as the plan is to bring a puppy into our home at Easter. Watch this space!


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