Sunday, 2 March 2014

Not a springer not a cocker

Have you ever had something you've dreamt of your whole life, and when you finally have a glimpse of it coming true, your worried it might go wrong or spoilt in some way?

I've dreamt many times as a child of owning my own dog. It's the most prominent wish I had when blowing out candles on my birthday cake, or writing on letters to Father Christmas. Not to mention the amount of pleading to my poor parents.

I'm not even sure why it means so much to me, I must of owned one in a previous life. But as the cliche goes, some things are worth waiting for. In two weeks time we are picking up a sprocker spaniel puppy. 

My emotions are not like I expected, I'm filled with excitement, but also worry and doubt. I hope we can give him everything he needs. I'm so looking forward to spending time with him, getting to know him and bringing him up to be the dog I've dreamt of. Poor pup - no pressure!

The house is also slowly changing to accommodate the new addition, making sure he feels safe and secure in his new home. 

One thing I'm certain of, he's going to change our lives, everything we do will be encompassed by him. This scares me only a little, but thinking of all I've done in life, I'm positive dealing with what is scary is only rewarding. 

Finding the right breeder was all about gut instinct too, I'm quite pleased I can rely on this in future. It helped us choose this house and that worked out great, so I know this puppy will be hard work, but hopefully completely worth it.

This is him. Fearnley Edgar Bolt, born January 4th 2014:


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