Saturday, 29 March 2014

Fearnley came home

We brought Fearnley home just over four weeks ago. 

He's such a gorgeous little chap. He settled in with us within the first hour, and he was so good not to be overwhelmed with the amount of visitors that have ensued from that point!

Surprisingly, he slept in his crate without any cries from the first night. He's also pretty much nailed 'quickly', doing his business outside when we tell him.

We couldn't help but think we've got some model puppy, making everything seem easy. But then again it's easy to care for him as the baby that he is, but it's a little bit trickier training and teaching him to be a sociable and happy chap. 

We are attending the local puppy parties at the vets to ease him into training and to meet other youngsters for him to play with. He will then go on to learn so much more, and eventually in time we are looking forward to teaching him properly how to be a proper gun dog. He's already showing signs he will be a great one. Sitting, waiting, 'down' then he runs to fetch his pheasant, then runs brings it back to us. I'm sure there will be a lot more to learn, but he's picking things up fast.

Today was a great day for us and him. A picnic at Virginia Waters with friends and their dog Bennie. We let him off the lead for the first time and couldn't be more proud! He didn't stray too far and tried his best to meet other dogs, although he's still very wary of them! 

It's the little things that just gives us so much confidence that he is a great pup, and will grow into a great dog. 

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  1. How exciting and lovely to hear how well he has settled into his new family so quickly :) x