Saturday, 10 July 2010

A blog about a clog...

So its mid July, soaring temperatures and blinding sunshine, yet I can't help but think forward to the trends of the Autumn already. I’ve stumbled at hints of the new items I can tell I will be dribbling over, but I’ve also noticed a few trends in the footwear department that I cant help but feel ecstatic over, or merely disappointed.

The most popular talking point of Paris Fashion Week was the infamous Clogs. Now, to most this word would conjure up images of Dutch paraphernalia, complete with braces and platted hair, but I can assure you these clogs were one pair of shoes I loved as a child, and felt at the time completely unrelated to its origin.

I can still picture the wood heel, and navy blue leather and large buckle, but if only I knew whereabouts they were purchased. I'd like to think they were the real deal but it could of easily been some impulse buy from a traditional Dutch shoe shop like Clarks.

Back to the point, these Clogs are getting the Chanel treatment to be the newest style to have. Add 5 inch heels to the basic Clog, plus feminine décor and you shall have yourself your own snippet of the past, but meets future.

Chanel Spring Summer 10

On the Topshop website they are even providing a sneak peak into their Autumn/Winter wardrobe, and there found was the dreaded Loafer shoe. I think I’m going to need a lot of encouragement to enjoy this trend again, as it just reminds me of the tacky school shoes I once had.

Although I do enjoy how both stable flat shoes of the 90s have been transformed into daring heels of the tennies!

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