Monday, 19 July 2010

Gatwick Runway Models

One trend I’ve never followed is dressing up before a plane flight. It could be your ticket to getting bumped up to first class, but I favour something comfy that I can usually nod off in! Unfortunately that usually means my hair is scraped back too, which totally backfired when I saw a competition booth at Gatwick Airport, shortly before a girly holiday to Corfu.

Amist my whispy hair, and au naturel make up, I summoned myself to enter the competition in this photobooth anyway. You had to be over 5ft 8, and lets face it I enjoy anything that celebrates height!

The picture was not that great, but somehow I managed to be given an opportunity for casting at Storm Model Management. If you don’t know it, it’s pretty much the big cheese of the modelling agencies, most famously starting Kate Moss’ career.

So yes, I was very nervous rolling up in my Topshop tunic and black heels for the day of reckoning in London. Upon entering I filled out a form asking every question possible, from waist and bust measurements to my skills of snorkelling and cycling. After some spontaneous snaps from Storm against their office wall, I waited patiently on the sofa, with a feast sprawled out in front of me. Ironically, all the food was either chocolate, covered in chocolate or sprinkled with chocolate. I resisted somehow.

After a friendly chat with the team, I learnt more about the competition, including boot camp with Jade Parfitt, and the final catwalk with Lily Cole. I had to await my fate at home, I got the news this morning that I didn’t make it to the final 10 or something like that, but I really enjoyed the experience. Honest!

Now I’m just a bit gutted that I wont be able to see Gatwick Fashion Week that inspired the competition and the winning model in action!

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  1. So proud of you my sweet, you will always be my model and anyway who wouldn't want to get with sweets! ;)