Friday, 30 July 2010

Tea Time

In this months issue of ASOS Magazine, I couldn't help but feel that the advertisements within the pages were far more exciting. This advertisement stood out for me straight away, once I saw the Vintage tea cup, laced with an antique styled bow brooch I felt instantly drawn. The contrast of high colours from the juicy strawberries, floral patterns and chocolate cake against the glossy white boarder of the page made it very attractive and exciting to the eye.

I love how the decorative brooch, watches and necklace is just unnaturally blended within the summer tea time themed objects and food, which in turn makes it desirable and gives you that 'I've got to have it now!' feeling.

I'm keeping watch (get it) on the Vintage style camera watch necklace pendent on the bottom right, as the price and timing of its release is not shown. It's quirky which I like, and I'm not one to accessorize majorly, so it will be nice to have this one piece! I suppose eating some strawberries and chocolate cake will keep me going for now!

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful advertisement indeed. I would advertise everything with food in the photo ;)