Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sea, Sand and Charity Shops

Cream Teas and Scones, Fish and Chips, Shopping, Bodyboarding and Star gazing - This alone ticks my boxes for a destination to move to.

One thing I loved was visiting the cutsie shops they had, especially in St Ives, they had little cottages dedicated to just selling Cupcake accessories, or a shop especially for fudge and chocolate lovers. Inbetween these though were lots of charity shops. I normally make a bee line for the coats and jackets, then the bags, then shoes, and then feel disappointed as I havent found a gem piece.

On this occasion it was different, sticking out like a sore thumb I noticed a camel coat, so in true toddler fashion I pointed and shouted Camel Coat, which worked as Keely slipped it over her shoulders. It was original, musty and 100% wool, and most importantly the staple of A/W. And only for £10, she walked away happy.

It was only later on that we inspected the coat further to find it is an DAKS original from the 80's off Bond Street, so was worth a couple of hundred but bought for pocket money.

An all round success, and especially for Keely.


  1. Wow how good! It's crazy what you can find in charity shops :)

  2. I love this post, what an absolute bargain .. I haven't been so lucky in charity shops but we'll see :)