Friday, 17 September 2010

So...? Eventful

With cherry drops and bourbon biscuits in hand, I had all the help I needed to work extra hard this week.

We’re hurriedly organising the So…? Fragrance display stand at the Clotheshow in December, but little did we know an exciting, envious sister of an event was blowing raspberries at us. It was Britain’s Next Top Model Live (naturally spoken in a Tyra voice) and we only had less than a month to organise EVERYTHING for it, and we knew we couldn’t miss out!

So this week, I had to organise a meeting with the event producer and discuss budget, cost, space…..snooze….but then listen in the gossip of all the celebs and brands that are going to be there! Mawi, Nine West, Bobby Brown, mmm get in my belly!

There’s a lot of pressure for them to pull it off, and become this high class event, complete with free, yes free pampering makeover stations, champagne and sushi bars, Model 1 scouts and a catwalk show with the BNTM finalists!

Luckily I’m going to this event but rather than consuming my weight in yummy food and spending unnecessary amounts, you’ll find me by the till selling our stock! Oh and possible strutting like a wannabe down the catwalk which they’ve made especially for the size 0 in all of us.

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