Thursday, 17 February 2011


After the fun of Zoo, I’m carrying on the trend and doing 2 weeks here at FHM! Literally a stones throw away but great fun as I already feel at home here, knowing the routine and area of Covent Garden well.

Similar duties include dealing with post, answering the phone and emails.

A big part is researching for the writers, looking for news stories and doing any tasks for them that helps things go smoothly for them.

A secret favourite task is going round Grazia, Heat, Closer and More, I just love seeing all the production team working away and having a chat with them.

Also making sure a leavers party on Friday goes smoothly so I have to pick up a few things!

Today and tomorrow I’m in the place of the Editor’s Assistant, so anything she deals with I have to answer to my best ability!

A little secret also is that I may be coming back to help in the Summer, but I don’t want to temp fate yet!

Overall it’s a bit surreal, I just wish I could come here after Uni and apply for all the jobs advertised in the Lobby.

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