Monday, 28 February 2011


By Constance Briscoe

The heart-wrenching true story of how a loveless childhood led to her achievement of being one of the first black women to sit as a Judge in the UK.

If your looking for an inspiring, truthful and gripping book to lead your spring read, then Constance Briscoe is a definite read. Born in the 1960s, see how she survives her terrible start with an abusive mother, stepfather and 10 siblings.

It all began when Constance came home and handed her Mother her school photograph, and she replied “Lord, sweet Lord how come she so ugly, Ugly. Ugly.” The mental and physical abuse followed as she fended for herself, stood up to her pain and fought for her own independence.

Her honesty, and dramatic account of her terrible childhood is typical of any true-life story. Endless abuse physically and emotionally, with her worn out energy that inspiringly eventually leads her to a better life.

Throughout her life, Constance is brought up watching her Mother treat and love her children, but purposely leaving her in the corner. Seeing how she can treat her siblings differently is the most upsetting of all.

Back in 2008, Constance herself was being sued by her own Mother for ‘fabricating’ and creating a book of ‘nonsence’. The publisher stood by Constance throughout the trail and with her on her win back in December 2008. They made a statement that "Sadly, as we know from the news over the past few weeks, child abuse is all too common and nothing and no one should ever stand in the way of the truth."

Constance tells the Guardian about her determination; "I have a letter my mother wrote to a solicitor in which she says her biggest regret in life was that I didn't die at birth," she says. "No, I have no regrets about writing the book."

The Mail on Sunday describes Constance’s book as “An astonishing true story of hope over adversity”.

An overwhelming read that must be so, and enjoyed.

(£6.99, Hodder & Stoughton)

by Harriet Edgar

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