Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mini Eggs

So as ever January brought along the cold, the Christmas weight, the leftover food to eat, to scrounge every bag you own in hope to find some money, the self loathing of your inept ability to make new year resolutions and did I mention becoming fat?

Probably the most exciting thing to happen in January for me, is mini eggs to hit the shelf. Thanks to the shopping madness that brings out festive food whilst interrupting another current festival.

After scoffing enough mini eggs to put a Cadbury Battery Farm out of business, I find my best resolution which I do not subconsciously realise I'm doing, is just ponder over the past year, and do the whole "remember doing this today last year", seeing how different peoples lives change, realise mistakes, remember fun moments or appreciate the new friends in your life, or the ones you've lost.

This is where Facebook comes in real handy to illustrate my daydreaming, as I look back over the pictures taken and remember THAT time, and have a giggle over the contrasts... at this point in time I realise I have yet again eaten another bag of mini eggs effortlessly.

Probably the most exciting thing to happen this year for me is to picture where I'm going to be in the next, probably at the shock of turning 21 as my outlook on the future is exciting yet scary, as this gigantic career ladder becomes a bit easier as I watch my friends lives unfolding in new directions in the same manner as my own.

Only when writing this have I realised that this post is more about subconscious feelings rather than mini eggs, as I notice there is a long list of resolutions in my head (which I shant bore you with unless I get mass demand), but whilst resolutions might be traditional to make after New Year for people, it's traditional for me to keep them flowing and rather successfully complete them.

In case you haven't telepathically noticed, I'm writing this year's blog with long (for me) cared for, and prettyful nails.

Which is another thing I can cross off.

Also if your wondering who that gorgeous house belongs to, It is the new student pad for my third year along with 4 other beauts that I already live with. We accidently called the house Sophie, so expect a lot of 'shes' 'hers' and 'Sophie did this' in my blogs to come.


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  1. Lovely blog Hazza E! You mini eggs fiend! I resolve to blog whenever I can, at least twice a week.. we can be blog buddie's to ensure we write regularly! xxx