Friday, 5 August 2011


I've finally made the transition between reading the heartfelt and rather depressing true story books to one of non-fiction. The way stories should be and I believe I'm finding them much more interesting to read.

I have to admit I've been a pretty poor reader in the past - I would much rather cuddle up with a magazine than a book, but now it seems all I do is read magazines for work and play, I need another escape route that does step too closely in the work category.

Just a couple of months ago I finally finished reading 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and I was devastated halfway through to realise it was just one big bloody made up story. Even the author made it seem so realistic, talking to an old lady who used to be a Geisha during the war, and now she's passed it she wants to tell her story... and I fell for it. I think I lost my excitement about the book a lot because I really thought it was the only first hand account of what life was like for the entertainers of Japan. What a loser...

Although I did learn some Japenese. I now know that 'Geisha' means artist, an 'Okiya' is the home they lived at, 'danna' - is the 'unhusband' of Sayuri (main character) and 'mizuage' is a posh word for not popping your cherry.

Enough of me trying to prove my recent education in eastern history! The latest book I have just finished reading was a Richard & Judy summer read - which you cannot fault. Those Finnagans have never got it wrong, well the books I've read anyway.

My best friend's girl - Dorothy Koomson, is a great read - not the gripping the book and biting your nails suspense - but a gentle read for my delightful commute to London I suppose. It involves a lady, Kamryn, left with the decision whether to adopt her best friends daughter (who came about after her best friend and boyfriend slept together). This is because her best friend dies. I didn't ruin this for you. It says it on the 'blurb' on the back of the book anyhow...

Looking forward to my next read. Adele Parks - Men I've loved before. Couldn't tell you what its about, but give me a few weeks and I'll be sure to update you on the success of it. At work we get a lot of books sent to us for reviewing, so it means a cheap read for me which could possibly turn out for some online reviews.


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