Friday, 2 September 2011

Topshop rant...

I hate to say it, but Topshop is no longer my favourite place to shop. I know I'm possibly one of the last people to notice the appauling materials and manafacturing of the clothes but that doesn't change how headstrong I'm feeling at the moment.

Simple T-shirts, tops and jumpers have risen in extreme prices. I can't even justify paying £35 for a top that is sub-standard in materials. It bobbles, fades and eventually looses its thickness. I've already lost a maxi dress to them due to quite embarrassingly finding out they were going see-through.

Most of the things I own that goes up on eBay is also Topshop. When it is no longer fashionable and the material has gone past all dispair, I have no choice but to pass it on. I've also had a number of items that have needed fixing, due to seams or extra's falling off.

Not to forget my purchase of a £70 coat that did not even keep me warm. I actually have a few items from Primark that have stood the test of time far longer!

So, if I am going to keep my word and shun Topshop for a while until they sort themselves out, which is highly unlikely, my replacement is Zara. Oh Zara why have I not noticed your beautiful tailored, long lasting, soft and fashionable clothes for nearly half the price?

I bought two fantastic tops from there this week during my lunch break. Working on Oxford Street is an absolute nightmare for money savers! But great for replacing all the Topshop rubbish in my wardrobe. These two tops were simply tagged as 'basics' but they exceed the quality seen in the high price ranged clothes in Topshop. Absolute winner for me.

Now I am not condemning them completly - their lookbooks, leather goods and makeup range is all pretty amazing. I just have a right peeve at the moment with their overpriced clothes!

It might be the location of the store that I visited that held the best saught after items - but I hope the one local to me in Southampton matches up as I spend all my student loan in there this year!

Do you agree?



  1. I agree with this! I like their clothes, but they either perish after a day or just don't fit right :(
    I still love their lookbooks, though.

  2. Thanks for your post Ashleigh, I agree, they know exactly how to market their clothes and style them beautifully, just a shame the actual thing doesn't add up! xx