Tuesday, 18 December 2012

'Tis the season to be jolly

I think we're all looking forward to Christmas especially this year. It all starts off early, and I think a lot of us are just really excited for a nice traditional family Christmas. I used to look forward to coming home from university for a bit of luxury food, comfort and constant central heating. I'm now just looking forward a bit of a rest! I haven't given myself enough me time lately. There are so many books I'd like to read, and places I'd like to go for a walk. I'm also excited to begin my new years resolutions. 

Although I may not always say them out loud, I know what I really need to learn to do is be better with finances. I'm to quick to say 'yes' to friends and family - meals out, nights out or shopping etc. Which I do enjoy and is my own decision, but sometimes I feel I need to learn it's alright to say no so I can save that bit of money - especially when I can't resist temptation of buying a new jumper!

I've never been great with money, I never took the advice when I was younger to save for a rainy day. So if that rainy day came to me now I'd be a little stuck in the puddle. I'd like to get things all in order so I can fit in enough to do both the fun stuff and make sure I can afford the boring things like bills.

Time has really creeped up on me - it's quite a scary prospect when people are telling you, you should have a pension pot set up - which I don't. I'd like to do that, but also to afford a nice holiday, or reach my ultimate goal of having a home by next year. So, that's my resolution, I hope I can achieve it. Oh and return to the gym... er hem.

Giving myself a bit of credit, I've done a lot this year. Graduated, new job, promoted after six months and made myself more financially responsible for everything. It's a good feeling!

Now to decide on what to bake or make for Christmas day. I've been experimenting with honeycomb which has been delicious, especially when I don't burn it. Have you got any resolutions?


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