Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The house hunt begins!

And yet again I manage to blog post right before the end of the month – phew. Where do I start? This month has been a funny one. The house hunt has officially begun. We’ve both thought that starting to look at houses now is best, as the whole process takes a while anyway, so with each month; we will have that little bit more to help contribute to the piggy bank.

I knew it would be a difficult task but I wasn't prepared for how quickly I could fall in and out of love with houses. Especially when you view them on a crisp sunny morning, and they intentionally whack the heating up so you just want to sit on the sofa and have a cup of tea like you do at home. That ‘bake some bread’ before they come over theory really does work. I was a sucker for one house that put my favourite flowers, some tulips, on the little kitchen table. It was hard to concentrate and think with my head not my heart.

Then came the mortgage meetings, the long painful process of realising how much student debt can creep up on you and affect your allowance. Thanks student loan. We offered on our dream house but to no avail.

So with the week of Valentines and Pancake day filled with bad luck, it was the perfect time to get away with our friends for the weekend to Whitstable in Kent. We stayed in this lovely little cottage right by the sea – very picturesque – and set a task of overeating, milling around shops and visiting the local wildlife sanctuary. For a treat on the last day we made a trip to a very cold Canterbury to look in the cathedral. Entry to view inside was £10! But it’s huge and definitely worth the wonder about. 

What will be, will be I say! But keep your fingers crossed just in case! Hoping next month we might have more luck on the house hunt!

Oh saving the best until last, the highlight of February was meeting this little guy.


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