Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Doe Eye

In today’s Fashion & Cultural Influences lecture, I was quite excited to know we were watching a video, rather than listening to theories that make me clueless. The video in question was shown on BBC4 in 2008, and it followed Fashion Photographer Rankin recreate seven of his favourite images of the past. Included favourites such as Helmut Newton, Richard Avendon and Cecil Beaton.

As soon as I saw an image by Erwin Blumenfeld on the video, I recognised it. It was my most prized purchase from New York. Plain white background, standout black title, with 1950s just slightly underneath, and bursting red lips, and these amazing feline eyes with a black flick.

On January 1, 1950, this iconic cover was released to the world, with the perfect bow lips and beauty spot of model Jean Patchett.

When I first saw it in a market just outside Central Park, I was so drawn to the eyes and lips and recognised it as my most common make up style, flicks and red lips. A cheap price, all in a frame, I quickly handed over the money, happy with the memory of where I bought it and what it meant to me. Little did I know how exciting the cover really was.

In the video, Rankin made a modern twist with the help of Hiedi Klum, who cheekily stuck her tongue out to give it a fresher appeal.

After learning more about the striking cover, ‘The Doe Eye’ is definitely not to be ignored, and I now feel happier knowing more about its history, as it hangs with pride on my bedroom wall.


  1. I'm glad i'm not the only one, I found the lecture exhilerating! Was pretty excited about it as Fashion photography is my Forte.!

  2. I'm glad you did do a post on this! I liked the lecture a surprising amount, although I did find Rankin a little irritating. I would have loved to have seen you made up in the same style as the image, especially as it is your standard make-up!

  3. It was refreshing watching a video like this today I agree! Who's your favourite Photographer?
    I'll attempt to re-create it now you've said it!