Sunday, 16 October 2011

Ghosts and disappearing lipsticks

What a weird few days we've been having. The first few nights at Sophie with the bumps and noises in the night have turned into frights we are convinced is a ghost. Little did we know that things we're about to get scarier. Worst time possible as everyone gets excited for Halloween, we battle the scary season already in the house.

Firstly though, which probably isn't as mysterious as my other stories is that literally every one of my lipsticks disappear. Well, only the expensive ones, so to follow tradition, the beautiful MAC lipstick above decided to jump out of my bag at the Rihanna concert - not impressed.

How do I begin to tell you that Sophie is haunted? Well, a few sleepless nights ago, I kept hearing knocks in the bathroom, so I convinced myself that the window was open. So I made my way there to close it to find it is already closed. Hmm. The knocks continue until Vicky and Sarah burst into my room at 3 in the morning to tell me they've heard a chair being dragged outside Sarah's window. Spooky enough...

Vicky's beau is also convinced at becoming face to face with a woman in her bedroom. He passed it off as coats to help Vicky sleep, but admitted the truth in the morning. Eek!

To add to it though, Sarah's iPhone has an app that records her sleeptalking, she always listens to them in the morning, except this time it has recorded was seems a conversation with someone in the room. It can be clearly heard of Sarah talking about meeting at a place, then a voice interrupts her saying 'oh absolutely', then you can hear Sarah saying 'yes yes'. I beg you to try and listen to it and make sense of it, because we definitely can't.

Also, this advert for Paranormal Activity 3 (see it here) whereby the little girls play 'Bloody Mary' is giving me the jeepers. I can just imagine us laughing about 'Sophia the friendly ghost' whilst she's probably sitting in the corner.

I will leave you with these thoughts for now...


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