Friday, 7 October 2011

Trend prediction S/S 12

What’s going to be the big trend of S/S 12 I hear you ask! Well the answers are there, they are either predominately loud or quiet and sly. I thought I would share my view of what I believe is going to the trends to start investing in for next summer.

Of course when everyone thinks of next summer, the Olympics come into the forefront of everyones minds. But there is a reason for this, as most fashions reflect the environment it is surrounded in, so this fantastic athletic event is of course going to impact the trends of next year and even now.

Think structure, athletic references and materials, graphic prints and twists of antiquity…

Unique S/S 12

This elaborate creation reflects the sharp cuts and dramatic lines similar to that of Olympic stadium and body armour of the Egyptian antiquity, all wrapped up into a swimwear style ensemble that mirrors the dress of swimming athletes. Not to mention the sun visor cap.

David Koma S/S 12

This collection is divided as an ‘ode to modern tribalism’. I believe that the graphic prints seen, reflect the shattered glass font of the Olympic logo, along with the structured edges of the archietecture that is surrounded the whole event.

Amanda Wakeley S/S 12

Dramatic with a heavy offence of an athletic feel. Serious black ‘racer’ vests dominates the collection that challenges the balance between modern sportswear materials that allow movement even though the whole creation appears restrictive.

Jasper Conran S/S 12

This beautiful flowing dress with a block colour of orange to me conjours up images of traditional Grecian dress, which is of course the birthplace of the Olympics. Expect a lot of lengths and high empire lines that will reflect this. The dress is also accompanied by a statement side spilt and opposing headband creates a cheeky nod to the sporting event.

Antionio Berardi S/S 12

This ‘Romance infused’ collection includes a high empire line which again reflects that of the Grecian dress. Of course this is a repeated style of a few seasons back that is interesting to note.

Rachel Marie J 22 year old photographer and model.

The focus on the trend prediction here is on the dress that is worn by Rachel Marie J from It’s a manipulative graphic play on the British flag which is continuing from the Royal Wedding that will now stretch towards the patriotic British Olympics.

Rejecting the recent invasion of womanly curves and 50’s pin ups for the floral summer, the body shape that will dominate next summer has been suggested by comments in the forum.

‘The narrow hips of the athlete; the strong hamstrings of the gymnast/dancer; the powerful shoulders of the swimmer; the toughness of the boxer; the lean worked abs of all of them. Neither laziness nor bloatedness - lean, fit, muscular and ready for action.’

Of course these depictions are subject to alter, and be disrupted by micro trends, but the biggest sporting event to happen to Britain next year is bound to affect the colours, materials and trends in our spring/summer dress.


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