Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Judy's affordable vintage fair

Sunday brought around an exciting trip out for me and Sarah. Admittedly she had to force me out of bed to go there in my hungover state, which I then came to realise was actually a horrible cold. But once I was there I was so glad I came.

Just a large hall in Southampton University was dedicated to the many stalls and tables of small businesses and collectors giving you a glimpse of the past. From Levi jeans, Christian Dior tights and satin gloves, to American motel keys, vinyl records and 50s teacups, it was a feast for any vintage enthusiast.

Whilst the music of the 50's played (click here to get in the spirit), we made our way to the jewellery section, whereby Polly Pocket necklaces, pendants and chunky rings distracted us from the sheer size of the event. First thing I decided I must have in my life is an issue of Votre Mode from 5th January 1950. Not for its valuability but because I was drawn to the delicate illustration on the cover that will make for a picture to either be hung on the wall or re-used for another project. I suppose if I actually learnt some French I could read the issue as well, too bad I learned German for five years instead…

I then discovered my second purchase, which is the most beautiful vanity case from Pixie of the 1960s for only £18. The lady that was selling it gave me a great story on how her Auntie Betty is slowly ‘loosing it’ at 80 years old, so they are gently removing items from her house to sell on! Luckily for me, I became the proud owner of it. True to its vintage roots, it stinks of must, but after some gentle care it should become more socially friendly. Although its going to be used a memory case, for well… memories, but I’m so tempted to use it to store my lady things for the many weekends away I get whisked away on... er hem.

Purely because I took £40 with me to grab some bargains I decided it would be a great idea to purchase some scarves. I managed to find two very soft and light silk scarves to bring some colour to my usual outfits of black. I’ve been looking for a while between finding some in a charity shop or blowing out the budget on a McQueen special. Glad I chose these two beauties though.
On the final sweep around the stalls I glanced upon the jewellery hanging from the shelves and thought this necklace pendant would be a fabulous addition to my pathetic collection. I’m not quite the jewellery collector; I wear two rings, which belonged to my Grandma, and a gold necklace with a teddy bear pendant from my christening when I was about 18 months. So this is a lovely piece that reminds me of either a Nurse’s clock or something out of Alice in Wonderland. Either or is a good image.

This fair travels about quite a lot, you must find out when it will be seeing you soon here: www.vintagefair.co.uk


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