Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tanning in October?

Who would of thought that getting a summer tan in October was possible? Here I am admiring my tan lines from a few days lazing in the summer garden at Sophies. We finally managed to get the lawnmower to function, so the grass is a perfect level for the blankets to be laid out whilst we enjoy some ice lollies.

(Who is Sophie?)

I quickly produced some the other day with apple and cherry squash with Haribo. Refreshing, although the frozen Haribo is quite questionable...

Also be given my timetable for this term, seems it's getting more generous as time goes by. Monday and Friday off - whilst only a few lectures in between on the other days. Think I'm going to have to motivate myself that some of these days are going to have to be spent in the library.

Going back to the weird Indian summer we've had this week got my and my housemates thinking - isn't it about time they shifted the months according to the changing seasons? I'm almost positive that every April brings an influx of great sunshine, as does September. I always have memories sitting in school sweltering underneath the blazer in the new classes. Would this actually work though? Or would the cheeky British weather trick us all again with our change?

Time for more ponderous thought in the garden, next to the indescribable fermenting apple tree...


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