Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Waterloo walks to work

Here is a round up of my week in three photos. It’s been pretty busy, going to work in London and coming home to complete more work. But I definitely enjoyed it. I really hope to go back to IPC in the near future. But for now, it’s time to take that experience and continue on applying for more jobs. Although I feel I’m getting the balance wrong as I spend more time looking for jobs than I actually do completing uni work.

Although I had one of those moments looking through my final project, as I realised I’ve actually done a bit more than I first thought. Massive sigh of relief.

I can’t wait to share my final project with you – but for now it stays fully under wraps! If you want a hint, it involves looking at magazines from over 90 years ago.

I’m only 10 weeks away from the big hand in here. It’s quite daunting but altogether exciting at the same time. I already feel bad for the neglect Sugarlips might have in these few last weeks, but then I’m going to make a radical change to it so it’s worth looking out for.

As Sugarlips has been the forefront blog of an aspiring journalist, it’s only fair that the blog receives the same upheaval as my own life, as I finally step onto the career ladder. Will keep you informed… obviously!


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