Thursday, 5 May 2011

2 down, 1 to go

So it has come to the end of my second year at Uni, I can't believe how fast it is going, this year seemed ever so quicker than the first.

But I am also so glad to put the work to rest and enjoy getting my life back on track that was dominated by the sheer volume of features and campaigns I had to write.

I thought I would share with you my exam treat purchase, and my plans for the summer.

I like to always update my wardrobe with staple pieces, rather than the one off designs, so I can recycle some styles and play around with all my clothes differently, so the black maxi dress was no exception, as this can be made casual through the day with a cardigan and sandles, then jazzed up for the evening with a denim jacket or waistcoast, sandle strappy heels, metallic waist belt and a clutch bag. There are lots of varieties out there at the moment, but I felt the most basic and clingy material rather than floaty and beachy was from Topshop.

As for my summer plans, I am hoping to achieve a few things before the rush back into my final year at University, so here we go...
  • Complete my work experience at Best magazine & persuade extra weeks of work
  • Budget
  • Find work that doesn't involve the hideousness of waitressing without tips.
  • Upload a vast amount of clothes and crockery to eBay
  • Move into new Uni house, and decorate it over the summer
  • Create girly pieces to decorate the new house
  • Go to Cornwall x2, learn to bodyboard better & purchase more from the pretty shops down there, also visit lots more charity shops when there also.
  • Sort my nails out, again.
  • Fix my Garnet ring... sob
  • Send my features to magazines in hope they will become published
  • Apply for more work experience, and create letters to send out beginning of next term.
  • Read the pile of books I've been longing to settle down to and enjoy
  • Plan lots of girly days and nights out
  • Visit family & friends throughout the summer
  • Convince someone to pay for me to go abroad
That's all for now, I'll be sure to update it all soon... Have you any exciting plans for the summer?


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