Monday, 16 May 2011

Decor Ideas

I thought I would share the few things I have put in place in my bedroom that can be easily replicated around the home, which is also cheap to reproduce!

First idea I had appeared out of laziness. As I left my roses in the vase and they slowly began to wilt, I found to really enjoy the colour and change of state of them. Simply just leave them in the vase and they will last for months. My last set of roses lay dead for up to 3 years, and they slowly turned into a lovely colour. To keep the leaves intact and prevent them from falling, a simply spray of hairspray will help.

Little jars is another thing I enjoy making. The rammikin pots are from those Gu Puddings, so when you finished eating the chocolate, wash the pots ready to put on the floral lid. The scraps of material can be either made by yourself, or as I did, going into Charity Shops to find scraps of materials for a few pennies. Cut into squares and fit over the pot, secured by either ribbon or an elastic band. What you put into the pots is up to you! But they make good gifts.

The last decorative idea is purchasing cardboard letters from Hobbycraft for a couple of pounds, and covering the letters in whatever material you like. I chose a floral wrapping paper over the H to represent my name. But you can do whatever you like to the letters, even spelling out simple things like 'Eat' or 'Sleep' for specific areas in the home on a shelf or windowsill. A cute idea that looks really effective.


  1. Check you out Miss Creative! Very proud. I am currently taking a class called "Flower Power" which I LOVE and they talk about how sad it is when people throw flowers away once they die, because their beauty can actually last forever, depending on your perception of beauty! Come and decorate my new home in Leeds please? I'll be stealing that 'H' for starters... hehe xx

  2. Naww I should SOO be on that course!! We can make some in the Summer? So you don't steal my H! xxx