Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Royal Wedding

How can I go ahead with my blog without daring to talk about the Royal Wedding! So here it goes...

On Friday the 29th April, I woke up early to prepare for my tea party I was holding for a few friends, which included a lot of cake, sandwiches, fridge cake and pavlova. I decorated the main coffee table in the lounge with things around the home which looked really effective and was a great centre piece when everyone arrived! I just used a flag as a tablecloth, gold matts and used two napkin rings to symbolise the wedding rings!

I just made some vanilla cupcakes with alternating icing of red, white and blue, with silver balls for decoration. I was really hoping to find some Union Jack cupcake cases but as I left it a bit too late, I had to resort to using my reusable cupcake cases in blue and pink.

If your a fan of the Royal family, I'm sure you would of enjoyed it as much as I did. Even if the hymns got a bit tedious! My favourite part was watching Harry and Will in the car pulling up to Westminster Abbey, and Harry's commentary to Will when Kate was walking up the aisle. I think just their brotherly bond really stood out and it was quite touching!

Of course the highlight of the wedding was to see what on earth Kate was wearing! It was of course the rumoured Sarah Burton, the successor of the late Alexander Mcqueen. The dress was an intricate pallet of lace, ivory taffeta and white satin gazar. She wore a traditional heart shaped corset, with lace sleeves to cover her slender arms. Her drop diamond earrings were a gift from her parents, with her tiara on loan from the current Monarch, which was initially a gift from George VI to his wife (The Queen Mother) at the time.

I believe her dress suited her beautifully, as her simple, mature styles that have seemed to carry her through different events have appeared right through to the wedding. The non fussy 9ft train, and small skirt size just resembles simplicity and elegance in the highest form for the newly Duchess of Cambridge.

Of course the second dress which received just as much attention, albeit the figure underneath was from sister Pippa Middleton. Her dress also created by Burton, was a figure hugging, gentle wave of white to emulate her flowing style that has no doubt instantly catapulted her high into the fashions stakes. Both dresses were gorgeous, and suited them equally and perfectly.

I can't even begin to describe my anger though on setting eyes on Beatrice and Eugiene's monstrosity of a dress, and those vile hats. It seems they need to think rather quickly about hiring a stylist - or a new one - for the next big event. Mind you it is quite humouring to see them all happy in the worst designs ever.



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  2. Lovely write up on the outfits! So sad I missed out on the tea party - looked amazing! I know you have amazing host skills though :P xx

  3. We can do a nice summery tea party when your back! Thanks love, I do like to make an effort, I just get carried away! xx