Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Thrift Shop

After a friend's recommendation to look upon his friends website, I couldn't help but share it with you if you are looking for beautiful vintage pieces, at charity shop prices!

Recently, the hype for vintage items is so apparent, yet fashion shops are purposely hiking the prices high so we see the clothing and accessories as delicate and expensive. Whereas vintage attire should be small prices in certain situations in my opinion. If it is pre-loved and not completely new, it should be a good price to buy!

So this website is just perfect for that. With it's cutesy titling, and vintage styled photography, it allows shoppers to search their lovely array of clothes, unsure of the origin and label, but styled beautifully, cheap and mainly, used.

The best part is that the website is run by two 'university sweethearts' that took their passion for vintage clothing that one step further and set up on the online thrift shop. They also insist that %10 of all purchases go straight to charity of which you can vote for at the end of the year, staying true to the thrift store heritage, which is just American slang for Charity shops.

My favourite part is the home-ware and jewellery, as they are all individual and quite difficult to find lovely pieces locally, so they have seemed to do the hard work themselves! They also run their own blog on the site so take a look at

I am off to Cornwall tomorrow for a nice long week and getaway, I will sure to share any finds that are found!


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