Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Moving to Sophie

So, its raining outside, and I'm full of boxes inside my room. Not exactly the most comforting environment, but I'm looking forward to the new move on the July 1st. This will be the home of me and four other girls for our last year of University. We've already adopted the house a name from the word go, and we thought Sophie was appropriate.

So now we can talk about 'How beautiful Sophie is going to be' and 'I cannot wait to move to Sophie's' and sound like complete mentalists, but that's how we like it.

As of this year we have been sharing with three other guys which are part of one big family that came about in halls. As much as we've enjoyed living with them, we cannot wait to move into a girly home and really decorate it fully. Expect a lot of postings on bunting, heart and flower shaped posters and photographs around Sophie. I'll be sure to update you on the decorating!

So here you can see a picture of Sophie as it is found online. The best part about this new home is the fact it has a garden, which I have missed terribly this year. I love to lounge in the garden with a drink and a magazine, or even complete some work out there, which I have not been able to do this year! It also means lots of bbq's and sunbathing if the weather permits! The ultimate part is the fact we will also have a bath. I literally go home to have a bath, as we only have showers in the current house so it is so nice to have this homely touch in Sophie.

Only 50 days to go until the move, but for me, it's only 3 days until I return home for the summer, and then come back to help with the move. So I am currently making the most of it, snuggling up in bed and listening to the rain. Although after watching the first episode of the new series of the Apprentice, I could really do with some orange juice!


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