Thursday, 16 June 2011

Busy Intern Life

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, that I have completely taken advantage over the freedom to update my blog as freely as I wish! So I’m taking time out of my lunchbreak to update you all on what has been going on!

Firstly, I have been working with the ladies at best magazine, helping mostly the fashion, beauty and lifestyle areas of the editorial, attending press events, transcripting, organising press samples and the fashion cupboard and ordering in products for testing! It’s been a fabulous week, especially as everyone is so friendly.

Some other exciting news is that I have secured a placement for three months with which is an older lady version of that would be familiar with. It is kept in the family as best, with all at The National Magazine Company, or more known as natmags. This means as of next week I will be in the other office just down the road, so I’m hoping to make an appearance to keep in touch with the girls.

The contrast of working in ladsmags to ladymags has been different, as I have enjoyed both places but feel my knowledge and opinions count more here at best, as we all have the same interests! As much as I loved discussing glamour models, beer and sport with the ladmags!

I will be sure to update my progress over the next few months, it will involve mainly updating the site with features derived from House Beautful, Country Living, Prima, Coast, Good Housekeeping and SHE. (Big titles I know!) Its great to be trusted with the responsibility to bring some freshness to the site, and input as much as I can. I am also very lucky that it will be a paid placement, so I can go somewhere to earning a bit over summer, as well as covering the train prices.

Third exciting post is a congratulations to my friend Alice Pepe who has successfully created her University project, Verve Magazine. It involves a feature and a few model shots of me that I hope have helped make it what she wanted to deliver. Do take a look if you are interested at…

But for now, it’s back to the busy world of Natmags, with Ascot and Henley to look forward to! Oh and look out for my name printed in this weeks and next weeks issue of best!



  1. Sounds fun love! Im currently at S Magazine, Sunday Express's supplement magazine doing an internship here! I understand the hectic days too, hardly any time to blog.. :/ Glad ur enjoying yours, I've loved mine, the photo shoots have been the best part! But i finish on friday after 2weeks here in london :(

    Good luck with your second one over summer! :)

    Check out my blog:

  2. Are you? Sounds very exciting. I haven't been to any photo shoots yet! But I get to go on lots of press days, next week I'm getting a leg treatment at Liberty's!

    No time to blog is awful! Trying my best, hope you've enjoyed your time interning! Thanks I will do! :)