Saturday, 25 June 2011


If posed with the question, what song reminds you of your childhood, then for me its a simple answer. There is one song that I can never get bored of, and will happily play it over and over again, mainly because it is, such a tune, but it just puts me right back to the place where I heard it.

Every Summer when I was younger, we used to travel down to Dorset to visit my Nanny & Grandad and spend everyday playing on the beach, or walking to the shops to buy more buckets and spades. It felt like the longest length of time travelling down there, as two hours when your six feels like an eternity.

But on the road trip itself, my Dad would not fail in putting on a Blondie album, every single year. One that really stuck with me was their 1979 release 'Eat to the Beat', which includes my all time favourite, 'Atomic'.

For any child, the summer holidays can conjour up the best emotions and this is certainly the case with me. Now that I'm older, and this regular trip to see the grandparents has long ended, the songs from Blondie give me great comfort, and just listening to their songs puts me right back there.

I'm constantly on the lookout for a t-shirt with the image of Debbie Harry on the front, to have as a keepsake. In my mind I want it to be a black tee, with a contrast image of Harry across the front, with a little Blondie emblem. (If you find something like it, do shout!)

I know its a bizarre choice of song, firstly because it was released way before I was born, and also the punk/disco blend of the song doesn't even match up to the song releases of the 90s of my childhood, but as cliche as a Spice Girls track should be for a young girl, it just cannot compete with the feeling Blondie songs give me.

So go on, listen to the song and enjoy -


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