Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pret a Portea at the Berkeley Hotel

I had the best afternoon yesterday with my friend Kate. It was a belated birthday present from her, as she got us an afternoon tea at a very posh Hotel in London, and the cakes and tea were specifically made for the fashion followers and the designer loving.
Yesterday was surprisingly hot, but I managed to find an outfit worthy enough for the posh do, which consisted of a black maxi dress, a cream cape top, my cream and black cardigan, gold sandals and took my Chanel out for it's third outing..

The menu of the afternoon tea was so cute, as all the cakes were labelled adjectively of food, but with the nouns of fashion. I couldn't wait to try all the bright colours and fruity/chocolately flavours they had to offer.

I opted for a vanilla tea to begin with, whilst Kate chose a pear variety which was sweet but very refreshing, and exactly what you need to wash down all the little cakes.

The flavours were delicious, as they combined mint, peach, chocolates, vanilla, melon, strawberry and marzipan, whilst offering a selection of savoury with artichoke, fish, beef and filled sandwiches.

There were 9 designer cakes to choose from, each one representing a designer and a famous attributing attire of their collection. So you could bite into Victoria Beckhams Leather tote bag, taste Marc Jacobs pink and brown bow dress or savour Miu Miu's bikini.

After our very filling but tasty tea we decided have a look around the local stores, which meant we went into Harrods for a good look round and giggle at all the cute things they sell. We went straight up to the pet area, bypassing the expensive baby clothes to look at all things unecessary, but certainly for a pampered pooch. I couldn't resist taking a sneaky picture of this 'Chewnal' bag for dogs though, I have to have this when I get my pooch one day! Hilarious.

But, I really recommend the afternoon tea at the Berkeley, it was a fantastic idea and I really enjoyed it, especially as we could take a few cakes home in a sweet little box!


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  1. WOWWWW!! Amazing! Soo cool that it was a fashion themed afternoon tea, perfect for you! :) xx