Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Puddles, Spinning & Food Envy

This week I find myself in a constant turmoil of whether to dress for the sun, the cold, the rain or the humidity. Much like the rest of London as we scramble to the tubes, all I notice either a complete faux pas of their outfits, or wardrobe envy as their outfit is definitely one suited for our ‘British Summer’.

I find the best way to get around this predicament is to combine summery layers with maxi dresses, skirts, or jeans, therefore they can all keep me either warm or sheltered from the weather. As with footwear, I’m still trying to find the right balance, but for now, sandals seem the best option, either cool for the humidity, or allows quicker drying if I step in a puddle!

It’s so hard resisting all the shops and outlets where I am based – Oxford Street – as you may be fully aware, is drowning in the beautiful garments that I cannot afford, especially on my intern wage. But I can’t complain, I mean, looking at clothes is exactly the same right?

I’m also looking forward to getting Zumba-Wii delivered this week, so I can try my hand at dancing like an idiot in my own house. I’m hoping those washboards stomachs come as standard with this game – although I’m probably going to have to up my exercise regime - which is pretty pathetic if I’m honest. I tried my hand at Spinning this week, and came to the conclusion that I am too much of a wimp to let my posterior become as bruised as it was again! I swear they make those seats out of pure hard metal, and I cannot afford a fancy pair of padded pants, that still make me smile of the thought of accidently getting them mixed up with a normal pair.

Also come to the conclusion that this WeightWatchers malarkey is only going to work during the week, come the weekends there is too many treats, meals out and birthdays that saying know to the food is blasphemy. Lets hope it still works!


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