Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Snug

It's about time I shared some images with you of my holiday I just recently went to with the boyfriend. We chose a small cosy cottage that has been beautifully decorated, so it may stem some ideas for your home decorating!

It was of course, decorating in the manner of Shabby Chic, a style that I really cannot get enough of at the moment! Now, the cottage was quite small, but it just seemed perfect at the time, just enough space to move around and roll into the kitchen to grab some more food! It was only on the last day when we were chatting to the owner who lives in a great farmhouse next door that she enlightened us on the property, she explained that it used to be a pig shed, and that it has only been fully up and running for a year.

But it was definitely popular, as we looked through the guest book, and realised everyone really enjoyed their time spent here. Over the course of the week we spent our time on walks, shopping, searching through towns, grabbing some fish & chips from Rick Stein's chipshop, laying on the beach, going to the Eden project and horseriding.

An especially fun afternoon was looking around Lanhydrock House & Gardens, set in 450 acres with 53 rooms to discover and walk through inside, that has been lovingly cared for and looked after for hundreds of years. Only has the past 70 years has the house been under possession of the heritage trust and has been preserved of its Victorian Interior and 18th Century attributes ever since.
But once inside, you really understand that this is a family home, a wealthy home nonetheless, and you discover the children that lived here and piece together their jobs, how long they lived for, their hobbies, their clothes, finding their bedrooms and overall imagining what this house would of been like back then.

If you want to find out more about the house, the great fire, the families and secrets, take a look at this link!


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  1. Wooow that place is adorable! So so cute! And very proud of you seeking out English history :) xx